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This article has been tagged as NSFL due to its disturbing subject matter.

Mea Culpa El Alex.jpg

Screenshots from "El Alex".

Status: Lost

Mea Culpa was a Chilean true crime television series which aired on Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN) from 1993 to 2009. It featured dramatized re-enactments of some of the country's most notorious then-recent homicides and crimes, as well as interviews with the perpetrators.

In 2017, eight years after the series' cancelation, TVN uploaded the 13 seasons of Mea Culpa to YouTube; however, some episodes were either missing ("El Alex", "El Analfabeto", "El Mano de Tijera", "El Enfrentamiento", "El Engaño" [2005], "El Pediatra", "El Tío Víctor", and "Séptimo Piso")[1] or later removed by TVN ("El Castigo Fatal",[2] "El Cautiverio", "El Engaño" [1998], and "El Taxi"). Although most missing episodes have since been recovered and uploaded by fans of the series, as of 2021 the particularly gruesome episode, "El Alex" remains lost.

The episode, which premiered on October 11th, 2006, follows the story of Alexis Miranda Carrasco[3] (a.k.a. "El Alex"), a troubled 22-years-old survivor of childhood abuse and drug addict who robbed, stabbed, and slit the throats of an elderly couple in Macul, Santiago de Chile in 2004.[4] "El Alex" was briefly available for viewing on TVN's official website until 2007.[5]

During a November 2020 video chat with a fan, the series' creator, host, writer and director Carlos Pinto admitted that he doesn't know the reason why the episode was never re-aired or posted on YouTube, or even if a physical copy still exists. Pinto theorized that "El Alex" was either a) considered too disturbing for modern audiences by the director of programming, b) accidentally mislabeled by the people working at the network's archives, or c) withheld from syndication for legal reasons.[6]

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