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CLOCK MAN HAS BEEN FOUND! (Added 11 Dec 2017)
O Parádivé Sally (commonly known as the "Clock Man" short)

No, you are not dreaming. Yes, you did read that title correctly.


There are almost no words.


A 5 year search has finally culminated in this moment and it feels surreal. Massive, massive thanks to EVERYBODY involved in the extensive search over the past years (and a special thanks to nitratenerd over at the forums for digging up the YouTube link). The short (in Czech only, for now), a short which so many people believed didn't even exist and would never be found, can be seen above (alternatively, a download/streaming link to a different rip has since been found here, though the colours are a little washed out); ladies and gentlemen, I humbly present, O Parádivé Sally (commonly known as the "Clock Man" short)!

Through all the doubt and dead ends, we finally made it to the finish line. Next time somebody tells you something is impossible, remember this moment!

Bravo, hugs all 'round and a happy holidays to everybody!

-dycaite (is still having trouble believing his eyes)

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