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== '''Article additions''' ==
== '''Article additions''' ==
*'''[[The Backyardigans (partially found Nick Digital pilot of Nick Jr. CGI animated series; 2002)]]''' 25 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[64 Zoo Lane (lost pilot of British French children's animated TV series; 1994)]]''' 20 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[The Wiggles (partially lost widescreen versions of children's videos; 2002-2004)]]''' 23 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎Magical Girl Rion-Chan (partially found media from magical girl franchise; mid 2000s)]]''' 20 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Danger Rangers Live in Safety Rules! (lost theme park stage show based on cartoon; 2006-2008)]]''' 22 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎Monster Bug Wars (lost English dub of pilot of nature documentary TV series; 2009)]]''' 18 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Help! (partially found deleted scenes from The Beatles film; 1965)]]''' 22 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Kids' Court (partially found Nickelodeon non-traditional court TV series and other media; 1988-1994)]]''' 18 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Getting Strong! (partially found original version of Wiggles video; 2006)]]''' 22 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎Mousercise (partially found Disney Channel exercise series; 1983-1996)]]''' 18 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (lost alternate scripts from 2019 movie)]]''' 22 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Worms World Party (lost build of cancelled Gizmondo port of artillery turn-based strategy game; 2005)]]''' 17 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Larceny (lost Christopher Nolan short film; 1996)]]''' 21 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[1960 Daytona Races (lost CBS and NBC televised footage of NASCAR prelude events to Daytona 500; 1960)]]''' 17 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Squadron Leader X (lost British World War II film; 1943)]]''' 21 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[My Chemical Romance (partially found unreleased songs from American rock band; 2001-2012)]]''' 17 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[The Wiggles Show (partially found animated songs from children's show; mid 2000s)]]''' 21 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[1937 International Imperial Trophy Race (lost footage of motor race; 1937)]]''' 17 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Robert Eggers (partially found early short movies from film director; 2007-2013)]]''' 20 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Peace (lost Italian Commodore 64 war simulation game; 1984)]]''' 17 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[The Wiggles (lost unaired ABC pilot featuring children's group; 1995)]]''' 20 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎The Cradle of Thorns (partially found mobile visual novel; 2014)]]''' 16 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[The $100,000 Pyramid (lost 22-minute versions of ABC revival of Bob Stewart game show; 2020)]]''' 19 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[The Wiggles LIVE In Concert Tsunami Relief Benefit Concert (partially found footage of Indian Ocean earthquake fundraiser performance; 2005)]]''' 15 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Tarantella (found Christopher Nolan short film; 1989-1990)]]''' 18 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Black Hole Sun (found early version of Soundgarden music video; 1994)]]''' 15 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Why Hypno-Disc can't work in an office (lost YouTube video of Robot Wars competitor; 2007)]]''' 18 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎Got Milk? Drink Talent Show Commercial (lost California Milk Processor Board commercial; circa 2006-2012)]]''' 15 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Wiggly Party Live in Concert (partially found footage of Vodafone Arena performance; 2001)]]''' 17 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[1953 British Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One race; 1953)]]''' 13 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[DrugFlow 2 (partially found mixtape from $uicideboy$ rapper $crim; 2013)]]''' 17 Jul 2021 <span style="color:hotpink">'''[NSFW]'''</span> '''[New]'''
*'''[[The Thundermans (partially lost unaired pilot of Nickelodeon live action series; 2012)]]''' 13 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Dreaming Machine (partially found production material of cancelled Satoshi Kon anime film; 2010)]]''' 15 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎Sacks of People (partially lost Apathy album; 2001)]]''' 12 Oct 2021 <span style="color:hotpink">'''[NSFW]'''</span> <span style="color:red">'''[NSFL]'''</span> '''[New]'''
*'''[[Nanook's Great Hunt/Nanook's Adventures (partially found Teletoon animated series; 1996-1998)]]''' 15 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎Per Yngve Ohlin Suicide Photos (partially lost photos of suicide, 1991)]]''' 12 Oct 2021 <span style="color:red">'''[NSFL]'''</span> '''[New]'''
*'''[[The Care of Your Car (lost early BBC motoring show; 1947)]]''' 15 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Get Ready To Wiggle! (lost "The Wiggles" UK album, 1999)]]''' 11 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[RCA recording of BBC Television Service (found footage of pre-Second World War BBC television broadcast; 1938)]]''' 15 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Braden Walker's "Knock Knock" promo (lost original pre-tapes of WWE backstage segment; 2008)]]''' 10 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[The Vampira Show (lost horror host TV show; 1954-1955)]]''' 15 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Brooklyn Dodgers 2-5 6-1 Cincinnati Reds (lost footage of MLB doubleheader; 1939)]]''' 10 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Jeff, o Panda (lost cancelled pilot episode of Brazilian animated series; 2016-2018)]]''' 15 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Brand Sins (partially lost videos from YouTube channel; 2015-2017)]]''' 10 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Archy Dancing TV Commercial (lost McDonald's TV commercial, 1960s)]]''' 13 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Brooklyn Dodgers 23-14 Philadelphia Eagles (lost footage of NFL game; 1939)]]''' 09 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil (lost build of cancelled GameCube port of 2.5D platformer game; existence unconfirmed; 2002)]]''' 13 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎The Daily Show (partially found Craig Kilborn episodes; 1996-1998)]]''' 09 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Frontal Attack (lost soundtrack song from "Shuusou Gyoku"; 1999)]]''' 13 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Christmas Celebration (lost footage of The Wiggles final performance; 2012)]]''' 09 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Osmosis Jones (partially found PG-13 cut of animated comedy film; 2001)]]''' 12 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[You Can't Do That on Television (partially lost Canadian TV series; 1979-1990)]]''' 08 Oct 2021 <span style="color:hotpink">'''[NSFW]'''</span> '''[New]'''
*'''[[Canciones de siempre (lost musical album produced by Venezuelan ex-president Hugo Chávez; 2007)]]''' 12 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Justin Time (partially found test pilot of Canadian animated TV series; 2010)]]''' 08 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Kaiser (lost Brazilian animated short film, 1917)]]''' 11 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade promotional trial maps (lost promotional DLC of Game Boy Advance tactical role-playing game; 2002)]]''' 06 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Paseo Del Mar (lost live landslide footage of California road bridge; 2011)]]''' 11 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Sports 5 (lost build of cancelled unlicensed Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo sports compilation game; early 1990s)]]''' 06 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Spelling Bee (lost early BBC game show; 1938)]]''' 11 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Game Master (partially lost video games on Hartung handheld console; 1990)]]''' 05 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Columbia Lions 1-2 Princeton Tigers (partially found footage of college baseball game; 1939)]]''' 10 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎ME2 Universe (lost online virtual world; 2008)]]''' 05 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Fire Emblem: Archanea Saga (partially lost original Satellaview version of "Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem" bonus content; 1997)]]''' 10 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎Silver Circle (partially found animated thriller film; 2013)]]''' 05 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[1996 DeVilbiss SuperFinish 200 (lost televised footage of NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race; 1996)]]''' 10 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[WordWorld (lost 2D/live-action test pilot of PBS Kids CGI animated educational series; existence unconfirmed; 2005)]]''' 04 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Dead Poets Society (partially lost deleted scenes from Peter Weir film; 1989)]]''' 10 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎The Mr. Men Show (partially found UK dubs of cut scenes from children's animated TV series; 2008-2009)]]''' 04 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Blue's Clues (partially lost British adaptation of Nickelodeon TV series; 1998-2003)]]''' 09 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[1938 Pennsylvania Quakers football season (lost early televised college football games; 1938)]]''' 03 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Gibby! (partially found unaired pilot of cancelled spin-off of "iCarly" Nickelodeon teen sitcom; 2012)]]''' 08 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎1934 Philo T. Farnsworth broadcasts (lost early television demonstrations; 1934)]]''' 03 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Teletoon's Total Drama Avatar Creator (lost Total Drama Island character creation Flash game; 2010)]]''' 08 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Fordham Rams 34-7 Waynesburg Yellow Jackets (lost footage of college football game; 1939)]]''' 02 Oct 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[The Big City (lost Lon Chaney crime film; 1928)]]''' 07 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Robot Wars: Series 3 (lost HSE documentation concerning behind-the-scenes accidents; 1999)]]''' 02 Oct 2021 <span style="color:red">'''[NSFL]'''</span> '''[New]'''
*'''[[Fire Emblem Wii (lost tech demo; late 2000s)]]''' 05 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[The Wordles (partially found pilot of "Abadas" BBC children's animated series; 2010)]]''' 30 Sep 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[The Wiggles Series One (partially lost deleted scenes of children's live action series; 1997-1998)]]''' 05 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Jelly Jamm (partially found pitch pilot of British Spanish children's animated TV series; 2009)]]''' 29 Sep 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[The Ghost Breaker (lost horror drama film; 1914)]]''' 05 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[A Wiggle Tale: Dorothy the Dinosaur Goes to Hospital (found promotional VHS tape; 1999)]]''' 03 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Sagan 4 Forum (partially found internet forum centered around creating "Sagan 4" internet media; 2007-2017)]]''' 03 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Breaking into the Big League (lost sports drama film; 1913)]]''' 03 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[The Messengers (partially found TLC motivational/inspirational reality TV series; 2006)]]''' 03 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Mortal Kombat Devastation (lost movie script; 2004)]]''' 02 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Pocket Money (lost footage of cancelled Nickelodeon TV series; existence unconfirmed; 1979)]]''' 01 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Extreme Gong (partially lost Scott Sternberg version of amateur talent show; 1998-1999)]]''' 01 Jul 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Wheel Of Fortune (lost unreleased DVD game based on gameshow; 2006-2008)]]''' 30 Jun 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Super Password (lost builds of unreleased NES port of word game; 1980s)]]''' 30 Jun 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Metroid Dread (lost early Nintendo DS build of Switch action-adventure game; mid-2000s)]]''' 30 Jun 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas (partially found original version of Wiggles video; 1996)]]''' 30 Jun 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Looney Tunes (partially lost computer colorized versions of shorts; 1990-1995)]]''' 29 Jun 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[City of Heroes 2 (lost unreleased MMO video game; 2010s)]]''' 29 Jun 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[To Tell The Truth (lost first season of syndicated panel show; 1969-1970)]]''' 29 Jun 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Jungle Junction (lost pilots of Disney Junior CGI animated series; 2003; 2005; 2008)]]''' 29 Jun 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Pan Tadeusz (partially lost polish silent film; 1928)]]''' 28 Jun 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Lizzie McGuire (unfinished third season of Disney series; 2020)]]''' 28 Jun 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[The Wombles (partially found cancelled CGI reboot of British children's TV series; 2013-2017)]]''' 27 Jun 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Alternate History League Episode 2 (lost episode of YouTube collaboration series; 2017)]]''' 27 Jun 2021 '''[New]'''
*[[Human Wreckage (lost American propaganda film; 1923)]] 27 Jun 2021
*[[Maria Marten, or the Mystery of the Red Barn (lost British silent drama film; 1913)]] 26 Jun 2021
*[[Monkey Love (lost footage of Screen Gems cartoon; 1935)]] 26 Jun 2021
*[[Ofcom Summary of Adjudication (partially found British broadcast communication regulator statements; 2003-present)]] 26 Jun 2021

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Duke Nukem Forever 2001 build - Duke Nukem Forever (lost original builds of first-person shooter sequel; 1997-2009)
Let's Wiggle: I Climb Ten Stairs - Let's Wiggle (partially found short series for children's band; 1997-1999)
Puggsy for SNES was found on 6 May 2022 by The Cutting Room Floor
Puggsy for SNES - Puggsy (found Super Nintendo build of 2D platformer; 1993)
Battlebots (Gamecube Prototype) was found on 6 May 2022 by Gatorbox
Battlebots (Gamecube Prototype) - BattleBots (partially lost build of unreleased GameCube/PlayStation 2 game based on robot combat TV series; 2003)

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