Get Your Free TVs! (partially found "Half-Life 2" tech demo; 2000)

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Get Your Free TVs.jpg

The only known official image of Get Your Free TVs!.

Status: Partially Found

Get Your Free TVs! is a tech demo shown off at SIGGRAPH 2001 and SIGGRAPH 2000 behind closed doors.[1] The tech demo was to show off what VALVe was working on with their new Source Engine that was being used to create the upcoming game at the time, Half Life 2. The demo could have made players take TVs at a variety of different locations and place them to a location while avoiding Striders, a huge three-legged enemy in Half Life 2.[2]

Discovery Efforts[edit | edit source]

In 2003, Half-Life 2 was leaked to the public by Axel Gembe. In this leak, several assets from Get Your Free TVs! were found which included textures for a gas mask citizen, the main player models used for the demo and a modified version of a map that was shown in the only screenshot of the tech demo.

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