Gelmania (partially found podcast episodes; 2011-2012)

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Gelmania was a comedy podcast that starred comedian Brett Gelman. It ran sporadically during 2011-2014 and consisted of 23 regular episodes, plus one "Best of Gelmania" compilation episode. Each podcast episode was a collection of dark, bizarre sketches.

The show started on the Earwolf podcast channel in 2011. After 22 episodes and the "Best of" episode, Gelmania left Earwolf in 2014 and continued for 6 more episodes through its own website.

All episodes that had been on the Earwolf website have since been taken down. Following the departure from Earwolf, only the podcast's first episode and the "Best of" episode were uploaded to the Gelmania site. Episodes 2 through 17 are unavailable, though the "Best of" episode includes sketches from some of those missing episodes.[1]

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