Flip's Sun Valley Olympiad (lost Flip Wilson special; 1976)

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Flip's Sun Valley Olympiad ad.JPG

Newspaper advertisement of the special.

Status: Lost

Flip's Sun Valley Olympiad is a one-hour Flip Wilson special that aired on CBS in April 14, 1976. The special that starting Flip Wilson as a host and performer in his own outrageous version of the Winter Olympics, with special guests from the worlds of comedy, music and sports.[1]

The guest stars would be Peggy Fleming, Alex Karras, Richard Pryor, Minnie Riperton, sports figures Shelia Young, the Ice Hockey Team and tiny tot downhill racers.

The special was taped entirely on location in Sun Valley, Idaho. Some of the sports action would include an exciting exhibition of freestyle “hot dog” skiing, a downhill race for toddlers, a dog sled race, and a performance by the Sun Valley Suns hockey team. The special would even also presents music and comedy performances and championship exhibitions by top athletes with commentary provided by Flip Wilson and Alex Karras.

The special fell into obscurity as it was only aired once, not being listed with the official filmography of Flip Wilson and even released in any format and only stills of the special exist are available online.

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