First Affair (partially lost unreleased untitled album from German euro-disco/synth-pop group; 1985)

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The members of the band, from the cover of the "Stay (Don't Hide Away)" 12" single.

Status: Partially Lost

First Affair was a German synth-pop/euro-disco group signed to Polydor Records. The members were Dirk Steffens, Knut Purwin, Peter Hoffmann and Peter Pollmann (singer). They released only two singles in 1985, a 12"/7" release of "Stay (Don't Hide Away)/Madonna," and "Blue Tears/Sad Eyes" on 7" only. (Both of the B sides were instrumentals of the A sides). The lyrics of both tracks were written by Danny Antonelli.

On September 9th, 2019, Peter Pollmann said they recorded a lot of songs for an album, however, it was shelved by Polydor.[1] A member on Discogs asked him to release the songs if he's able to without legal issues, but he has not responded.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The first single, "Stay (Don't Hide Away)."
The second single, "Blue Tears."

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