Fender Bender 500 (partially found episodes of "Wacky Races" reboot animated series; 1990s)

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FendBend500 Logo.jpg

The show's logo.

Status: Partially Found

Fender Bender 500 is a series of cartoon shorts featuring iconic Hanna-Barbera characters racing each other in monster trucks; it's a 1990s update of the classic Wacky Races series from 1968 [1]. It is historically significant as it would be the last time that Top Cat and Dick Dastardly would be voiced by the original actors, Arnold Stang[2] and Paul Winchell[3], before their passing.

Release History[edit | edit source]

It was originally broadcast as a segment of Wake, Rattle and Roll[4], a Hanna-Barbera produced live-action children's show. The first season was aired in syndication and then afterward moved to the Disney Channel and re-named Jump, Rattle and Roll[5]. The Fender Bender 500 segments also aired as part of TV Mayhem in the UK[6].

The only home video release was in Japan where the entire series was released on both VHS[7] and Laserdisc in six volumes.[8] [9]Volume 3 appeared on YouTube, without English titles, in March 2020[10]. The English language version of most episodes, along with the other five Japanese volumes, are currently considered lost.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Out of the 50 episodes made for the series, 16 have currently been found in English, and 7 have been found in Japanese. All of the current found episodes are also located on a MEGA drive.[11]

# Episode Title Episode Status
01 The Nippon Tuck 500 Lost
02 The Cow Sow & Plow 500 Lost
03 The Calypso 500 Lost
04 The Philly Freedom 500 Found
05 The Hup, Two, Three, Four 500 Found
06 The Frances a Lot 500 Lost
07 The Wooden Shoe Like to Win 500 Lost
08 The Rocket Gibraltar 500 Lost
09 The Bombay Flambe 500 Lost
10 The Way Down Under 500 Lost
11 Fondue 500 Lost
12 The Kenya Win It 500 Found
13 The Fettuccini 500 Lost
14 Monumental 500 Found
15 The High Stakes 500 Found
16 The Great Golden Gate 500 Lost
17 The Highland Fling 500 (Japanese Dub) Found
18 Rush to Rushmore 500 (Japanese Dub) Found
19 Pound for Pound 500 Found
20 The Great Greek 500 (Japanese Dub) Found
21 The Log Jammer 500 (Japanese Dub) Found
22 The Clambake 500 (Japanese Dub) Found
23 We'll Get Bayou 500 (Japanese Dub) Found
24 The Funhouse 500 (Japanese Dub) Found
25 Space Race 500 Found
26 The Wicki Wacki 500 Lost
27 Big Apple 500 Lost
28 The Panda-Monium 500 Lost
29 The Tumbleweed 500 Found
30 The Jungle Bungle 500 Lost
31 Silver Screen 500 Lost
32 Sheik to Sheik 500 Found
33 The Cotton Pickin 500 Lost
34 The Oom-pa-pah 500 Lost
35 The Fountain of Youth 500 Lost
36 The Fiesta Fantastica 500 Lost
37 The Big Top 500 Found
38 The Russian Around 500 Found
39 The Dash to Nashville 500 Lost
40 The Trans-Transylvania 500 Found
41 The Run Down to Ghost Town 500 Lost
42 The Go for the Gold 500 Lost
43 The Golden State 500 Lost
44 The Hit'n Mississippi 500 Found
45 The Alligator Alley 500 Lost
46 The Brazilian Million 500 Lost
47 The Emerald Isle 500 Lost
48 The Nile a Minute 500 Found
49 Unfathomable 500 Found
50 The Yukon Win It 500 Lost

References[edit | edit source]