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Status: Lost

Encarnacion Bechaves is a Filipino flower shop located in Manila, Philippines. Sometime in the 1990s, a commercial was made advertising the florist, and would have aired locally on the ABC 5, GMA 7, RPN 9, and IBC 13 television channels, and possibly also ABS-CBN. Although a viewer claims that the commercial has aired as early as 1984 and up until 2002, although if it is true. The commercial was known to be unsettling and unintentionally creepy to viewers at the time.

No copy of the commercial has been uploaded online, and was never seen again after it's airing.

Premise[edit | edit source]

The commercial starts off with a shot of flowers in front of a dark background, to which the camera zooms into. Then it fades into another scene with a couple, with the text "Encarnacion Bechaves" in Alex Brush appearing on screen. It then continues to fade into 2 more scenes featuring flowers.[1]

It then fades into another scene, featuring a lady in a red dress (some eyewitnesses claim the lady wears a black dress) facing away from the camera. The lady proceeds to turn to look at the camera smiling. She appears to have messy hair the covered her face, with her eyes, nose, and mouth still visible, and held roses in front of her face.[2] The camera pauses on the shot of the lady's face, until ultimately fading into another screen with the logo and the addresses of the shop's 3 branches.[3]

This commercial was accompanied by a male narrator,[4] who says:

"When the occasion becomes special. You can make it more special, with flowers, from Encarnacion Bechaves. Encarnacion Bechaves. When you want to want to show how much you really care.

The commercial is also known to have the song "Shepherd Moons" by Enya playing in the background.

The ending scene was deemed to be unsettling and unintentionally creepy to viewers when the commercial as aired. Additionally, some people claim that the lady was portrayed by Filipino actress Cita Astals,[citation needed] while others deny her involvement and state it was another actress.

Availability[edit | edit source]

The commercial was said to have aired on the TV channels ABC 5 (now TV5) between WWF Raw is War and WWF Superstars (now WWE), GMA 7 (also known simply as "GMA") between Eat Bulaga, NBA and NFL Games, and other Post-season games including the Superbowl, RPN 9 (now CNN Philippines) between The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime, Indianapolis 500, and Goggle V", and IBC 13 between Mask Man Rider. Although, other viewers remember it also airing on ABS-CBN between TV Patrol, Sang Linggo nAPO Sila and The World Tonight. However, some eyewitnesses say it mostly airs on RPN 9. According to several accounts of viewers, the commercial happens to air after a now lost Family Rubbing Alcohol commercial, only to be followed by a Ra Homevision commercial, which is also lost. It was also remembered to have aired alongside a Anzahl Urethrane Car Paints commercial, which is available online.

Even though it was commonly known that the commercial aired in the '90s, one claim states that the commercial may have aired on TV as early as 1984 and up until 2002,[5] although it is unknown if this is true as there is nothing so support their claim.

Although there is no official documentation of its existence found online, the earliest known mention of the commercial goes back to the 2000s in the Pinoy Exchange forum, around 5 years after the commercial was last aired on TV. There are no copies of the commercial available online, and the proof of its existence are the countless recollections of its viewers.

On January 17th, 2017, Youtube user Jemmanuel Cordero Ü uploaded an audio recreation of the commercial, using Shepherd Moons as the background music.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Audio recreation of the Encarnacion Bechaves commercial.

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