Dinosaur (partially lost Tyler, the Creator mixtape; 2009)

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A list of the album's tracks.

Status: Partially Lost

Back in 2009, Tyler, The Creator had planned to release a mixtape called Dinosaur, not to be mistaken for the Dinosaur EP that would've been released earlier, if Dinosaur was released then Zombie Circus would've been the next album in the timeline, instead of Wolf 2010.

Some of the tracks from the Dinosaur mixtape were added to the Bastard mixtape, Songs such as French, Blow, Odd Toddlers, Session, Seven and Pigsfly.

Track-List[edit | edit source]

The track-list was leaked by Pac on May 18th, 2022 on the TylerHub Discord Server.

Song Status
Dinosaur Partially Found
French! (Original Version) Partially Found
Car Partially Found
Blow Found
Odd Toddlers Found
Cereal Lost
Session Found
The Kids Can Bleed Partially Found
Fuck You Bunch Partially Found
WWarehouse Partially Found
Nosebleed Found
Seven Found
Prism Partially Found
Friends Zone Found
OF Theme (Interlude) Found
Pigs Fly (Original Version) Lost
Rape Lost
Yamaka Found
Sarah. Found
Suicidal Thoughts Partially Found
Pale Lost

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