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|title=<center>Gold Rush</center>
|title=<center>Gold Rush</center>

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Title screen.

Status: Lost

Danmaku Amanojaku Gold Rush (also known as Gold Rush) is a one stage Touhou mini-game made for the Digital Game Expo 2014’s “Doujin Shooting Game Caravan” contest. The game was not made for public release or retail sale, so it is currently lost.

Screenshot of gameplay.

There is a fan-made reconstruction of the game with some slight differences, such as:

  • The title screen text is slightly to the right compared to the original and the background is more yellow.
  • The arrows on the title screen are less visible.
  • When you collect kobans in the original, sparkles appear. The remake doesn’t have this.
  • Whenever you activate the miracle mallet (real) in the original, the image on the right will dim to show that you can’t use it until it un-dims. This doesn’t happen in the remake.

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