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{{Video|perrow  =1
   |service1    =youtube
   |service1    =youtube
   |id1          =q7X6G-vazzA
   |id1          =eFHmv7Gayfo
   |description1 ="The Most Mysterious Song of Japan: The Akiba Tape" (18 Oct 2021)
   |description1 ="5 Lesser-Known Pieces of Lost Pokemon Media" (6 Nov 2021)

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Biography[edit | edit source]

Hey there! I'm Alex, also known as Sakura Stardust. I'm a YouTuber, and have been active since 2015. I create a variety of different videos, though my main focus is content related to Nintendo, anime, and Japanese media. The majority of covered topics are lost and obscure. If any of these things tickle your fancy then be sure to check out my stuff! (And thanks in advance!)

Latest Video[edit | edit source]

"5 Lesser-Known Pieces of Lost Pokemon Media" (6 Nov 2021)

Other Videos[edit | edit source]

Be sure to check out these other videos! They're my finest work!

"7 Lost + Unreleased Anime Dubs
"16 MORE Lost Pieces of Japanese Media (REVISED & UPDATED) - Lost Media of Japan Episode 2"
"17 Pieces of Lost Japanese Media - Lost Media of Japan: Volume 1"
"10 Lost & Rare Super Mario Anime, Movies, & TV Shows"