Cartoon Network NBA All-Star Slam (found interviews of marathon; 2003)

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CN NBA AllStars.png

The logo for the marathon.

Status: Partially Found

On February 9th, 2003, Cartoon Network aired the NBA All-Star Slam marathon from 12:00 - 6:00 PM, which also featured thirteen interviews with NBA players telling the viewers about their favourite CN characters, and introduce some of the best cartoons featuring those characters that aired throughout the marathon, all leading up to the tip-off of the 2003 NBA all-star game on its sister network, TNT.

List of Interviews

So far, 5 out of the 13 listed interviews have currently been resurfaced; four of which were found by Captain B. Z. (including a full version of the Godzilla interview), as well as the Bugs Bunny interview, uploaded by C. Martin Croker (A.K.A. the voice of Zorak/Moltar from SGC2C/The Brak Show).

Interview Status Description/Found By
Shawn Marion and Cheetara Found Found By: Captain B. Z.
Elton Brand and Space Ghost Lost
Shaquille O’Neal and Godzilla Found Found By: Captain B. Z.
Theo Ratliff and Hong Kong Phooey Found Found By: Captain B. Z.
Michael Redd and He-Man Lost
Latrell Sprewell and Fred Flintstone Lost
Allan Houston and George Jetson Lost
Jason Terry and Scooby-Doo Lost
Baron Davis and Droopy Dog Lost
Stephon Marbury and Bugs Bunny Found Found By: C. Martin Croker
Richard Jefferson and Yosemite Sam Lost
Jamal Mashburn and Buttercup Lost
Jason Kidd and Jayna (Wonder Twins) Found Found By: Captain B. Z.




The incomplete interview with Shaquille O’Neal and Godzilla.
The complete interview with Stephon Marbury and Bugs Bunny.

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