BuddhaCharlie (partially found videos from YouTuber; 2010-2019)

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BuddhaCharlie in a screenshot from one of his video responses from March 2011.

Status: Partially Found

BuddhaCharlie was the alias of Charles Ellingson, an early YouTube celebrity who made videos of himself doing various acts such as replying to videos with video responses, eating food, making songs dissing other YouTubers on a toy keyboard, or other comedic and slightly provocative content. He was known to make strange noises during his videos, which gave him his nickname as "The EEEEE guy". He was known to frequently delete his YouTube channels and start using new ones, making his past videos inaccessible unless downloaded by archivists.

History[edit | edit source]

BuddhaCharlie eating peanut butter while prank calls a chinese restaurant in 2010.

BuddhaCharlie was a YouTuber who started making YouTube videos in early 2010. He made videos such as prank call videos, vlogs, and joke songs during this year. In 2011, he began to make video responses to various videos on YouTube which made him very popular. Almost all of these video responses are lost and only a few have been archived. By June 2011, he had over 750 videos on his channel, his highest amount. Shortly after, he removed most of his videos, which dropped his uploads to around 110. Throughout the year, he would return and make new videos and then delete them over and over again. He would continue the process of wiping his channel and starting over, continuing into March 2012 until he eventually deleted his channel for unknown reasons.

He created numerous channels after this, one notable example being the "MrBuddhaCharlie" channel, created in May 2012. On this channel, his videos mostly consisted of dissing popular Minecraft YouTuber "Yogscast" and the video game Minecraft itself.

MrBuddhaCharlie yelling about the Yogscast in May 2012.

Another notable channel during 2012 was called "CrazyBuddhaCharlie", created in October 2012. During this channel, he ramped down his noises and mainly discussed news topics. There were about 400 videos on this channel when it was terminated in February 2013.

A screenshot from a lost video on the CrazyBuddhaCharlie channel.

He's estimated to have created over 20 YouTube channels throughout 2013 to 2019, with channels sometimes only lasting up until a week. As a result, almost no one was able to archive the videos from these channels, except a few.

Missing Videos[edit | edit source]

Despite being relatively well known back in the day, it is almost impossible to find any video from BuddhaCharlie now. Most of the videos containing footage of him have gone private over the years. Even videos that weren't directly uploaded by him have either gone private, taken down by the owner, or copyright struck by BuddhaCharlie himself. As a result, most of his videos before 2014 are not archived anywhere. A bit of effort has gone into archiving his videos past 2014, as several fans did download the videos when they were still up.

It is estimated that BuddhaCharlie has made well over 5000 videos during his YouTube career, with about only 1/15th of them being saved by fans. A playlist containing those archived videos can be found below.

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