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File:Billy.jpg| An alternate picture of Billy without his hand.
File:Billy.jpg| An alternate picture of Billy without his hand.
File:Billyroom.jpg| A picture of Billy's room.
File:Billyroom.jpg| A picture of Billy's room.
File:Bili super heroj - Bili detektiv 04.mp4 snapshot 01.32.842.png|Philbert the Frog reference in the episode 4: Detective Billy
File:Bili super heroj - Bili madjionicar 25.mp4 snapshot 09.03.042.png|Another Philbert the Frog reference in the episode 12: Billy the Magician

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Status: Partially Found

Billy was an animated TV show created and directed by Vincent James and produced by Fat City Film and The Little Entertainment Group that aired from 1998 to 1999 on CITV and was repeated from 2000 to 2006 on Nick Jr. in the UK and from the late 2000s to around 2012 on Tiny Pop. According to the TV Tropes, page for Billy, at least 26 episodes were produced

Almost no information exists about Billy, on the internet. It's unknown whether Nick Jr., Tiny Pop, or the creators have it archived.

Episode List ([1])[edit | edit source]

# Episode Title Status
1 Billy the Superhero Partially Found (Serbian dub)
2 Billy and the Caveman Partially Found (Serbian dub)
3 Billy and the Pirates Partially Found (Serbian dub)
4 Detective Billy Found (First 2 minutes)
5 Spaceman Billy Partially Lost (Serbian dub)
6 Billy at the Jungle Partially Found (Serbian dub)
7 Billy of the Antlantis Partially Found (Serbian dub)
8 Cowboy Billy Partially Found (Serbian dub)
9 Billy and the Snowman Partially Found (Serbian dub)
10 Billy at the South Pole Found
11 Billy the Firefighter Found (first 1 minute, LQ)
12 Billy the Magician Partially Found (Serbian dub)
13 Billy the Footballer Partially Found (Serbian dub)
14 Billy's Circus Partially Found (Serbian dub)
15 Billy at the Haunted house Partially Found (Serbian dub)
16 Billy saves the World Partially Found (Serbian dub)
17 Agent Billy 007 ¾ Partially Found (Serbian dub)
18 Billy and the Around the World in 80 Days Partially Found (Serbian dub)
19 Billy and the Forgotten Planet Partially Found (Serbian dub)
20 Billy Crusoe Partially Found (Serbian dub)
21 Billy the Musketeer Partially Found (Serbian dub)
22 Billy and the Magic Lamp Partially Found (Serbian dub)
23 Billy and the Knights of the Round Table Partially Found (Serbian dub)
24 Giant Billy Found (LQ)
25 Billy Hood and his Happy Gang Partially Found (Serbian dub)
26 Billy and the Christmas Tree Found

Videos[edit | edit source]

An episode of Billy (Courtesy of Saraid).
An episode of Billy (Courtesy of Boopy).
An episode of Billy (Courtesy of Fubuloo).
An episode of Billy (Courtesy of warriorglitchy).

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