BTM2 (partially found VH1 documentary series; 2000)

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BTM2 logo.

Status: Partially Found

BTM2 was a short-lived spin-off of the musical documentary series Behind The Music that ran on VH1 in 2000 for 10 episodes[1]. Created by Jeff Gaspin and Gay Rosenthal and narrated by Ambrose Smith, BTM2 had largely the same format as its parent series, with musicians being interviewed and profiled, with the only differences being that each episode was a half-hour long as opposed to Behind The Music's hour-long episodes, and that it chronicled newer and upcoming artists at the time.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Four full episodes of BTM2 are available online, with one (Geri Halliwell) being the British version from a Channel 4 broadcast. There is partial footage of the Tori Amos episode courtesy of a fan's YouTube channel, though judging from its title, the remaining footage of the episode might have been available for viewing at one point, before being made unavailable. In addition, screenshots and a full transcript of the Tori Amos episode have been made available through another fan's website. The remaining five episodes are considered lost.

Lost Episodes[edit | edit source]

# Title Status
1 Mary J. Blige Lost
2 Dixie Chicks (now known as "The Chicks") Lost
3 Enrique Iglesias Lost
4 Smash Mouth Lost
5 Tori Amos Partially Found
6 Counting Crows Found
7 Paula Cole Lost
8 Bush Found
9 Geri Halliwell Found (British version)
10 Beck Found

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The Counting Crows episode.
The Bush episode.
The British version of the Geri Halliwell episode.
Part 1 of the Beck episode.
Part 2 of the Beck episode.
Partial footage of the Tori Amos episode.

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