Amigo and Friends (partially found English dub of Mexican animated series; early 1980s)

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Title Card.

Status: Lost Audio

Cantinflas y Sus Amigos[edit | edit source]

is an educational children's cartoon that was based on the Mexican cartoon series Cantinflas Show in 1979. The show, which concentrates on a wide range of subjects intended to educate children, follows Amigo, a little comical character from Mexico, who goes on educational adventures through time and space and gets to visit Shakespeare, see the ancient pyramids, and even travels to other planets. The animated Amigo is based on the legendary character, Cantinflas played by the Mexican actor and comedian Mario Moreno Reyes. The show was created and produced by Televisa, then known as Telesistema Mexicano. The company was also responsible for the distribution of the show in Mexico. The show got dubbed in English, French, Israeli, Chinese, Swedish, and Russian. Hannah-Barbera dubbed the show over in 1982. 51 episodes where produced each dub finishing the hole run. Though both the Spanish and English dubbed got done at the same time.

Findings[edit | edit source]

No English episodes has appeared on the internet yet, but the begging sequence is on youtube. Most of the series is available in Spanish on youtube, but it has only on DVD release with only some shorts available on it. I have not looked for the other dubs yet but I will update, for now the whole English version is missing.