All Dogs Go to Heaven (partially found Proctor & Gamble TV promotions for VHS release of animated film; 1990)

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A flyer for the film.

Status: Lost advertising

In 1990, following on the commercial and critical disappointment of the 1989 Don Bluth film All Dogs Go to Heaven, MGM/UA collaborated with Proctor & Gamble for an advertising campaign to promote the VHS release of the movie. This campaign, costing over $13 million, consisted of newly animated footage by Don Bluth's US studio, showing the films characters giving each other the tape for the holidays, and also a separate advert for Downey detergent showing live action dogs discussing the film while their owner's were at the store purchasing Downey and the movie on VHS. Despite the odd pairing, it seemed to have paid off as the VHS of All Dogs Go to Heaven was a huge success at the time. As of writing this article, it's not known if any of this advertising has survived.[1]

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