1996 DeVilbiss SuperFinish 200 (partially found televised footage of NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race; 1996)

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Rusty Wallace competing in his only Craftsman Truck Series start

Status: Lost

The 1996 DeVilbiss SuperFinish 200 was the ninth race of the 1996 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. Occurring on 30th June at Nazareth Speedway, the race would be won by eventual 1996 runners-up Jack Sprague. This race was also notable for being the only Craftsman Truck Series start for 1989 NASCAR Winston Cup champion Rusty Wallace, and for being the only 1996 Craftsman Truck Series to not be televised live because of rain delays.

Background[edit | edit source]

With the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series having achieved great success in its inaugural season, with an average of 1.7 million for all 24 1995 races broadcast live on television, the 1996 DeVilbiss SuperFinish 200 marked the first time the series was raced at Nazareth Speedway. The race's hype influenced several Winston Cup drivers to compete. Among them was the 1989 Winston Cup champion Rusty Wallace, who competed in a Ford F-150 under Miller Beer colours. According to Wallace, 20% of his motivation for competing in the race was to help promote it for the speedway's owner, Roger Penske, in an attempt to increase crowd attendance. Despite expressing interest in competing in the final race of the series, Carquest 420K on 3rd November at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Wallace would never race for the series again, making the 1996 DeVilbiss SuperFinish 200 the only Craftsman Truck Series race he would compete in.[1]

Qualifying occurred on 29th June, with Jimmy Hensley winning the pole position, ahead of Wallace who qualified 7th, and Jeff Burton who was in 16th.[2][3] The race itself was to be broadcast on CBS the following day at around 1:40 p.m..[4] However, the race was delayed for four hours because of heavy rain.[5] This had the effects of causing the race to be shortened from 200 to 152 laps, but also resulted in CBS not showing the race by the time the showers ceased.[6] Jack Sprague would go on to win the race, passing fellow title challenger Ron Hornaday Jr on lap 112, and beating Hensley for first. Wallace ended up finishing ninth. Sprague won $39,575 of the $286,925 prize money for the race, and ended up joint-first in the standings with Hornaday Jr on 1,439 points.[7]

Availability[edit | edit source]

While CBS did not televise the race live, televised footage of the 1996 DeVilbiss SuperFinish 200 may still be available. According to Racing-Reference, TNN may have broadcast the race a few days after it occurred, during the middle of the night. However, unlike televised footage from other 1996 Craftsman Truck Series races that are now accessible on YouTube,[8] none of the TNN footage of the race is currently publicly accessible.

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