110 Lombard Street (partially found sitcom pilot; 1987)

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110 Lombard Street is a television pilot that aired sometime in 1987. Produced by Second City, a well-established comedy troupe based in Chicago, it stars many of the troupe's more famous actors before they got big, such as Ryan Stiles and Mike Myers.

BACKGROUND[edit | edit source]

Second City made a good number of television pilots in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s that were never picked up for a full series- another one of which was 1990’s Life as We Know It, which is available in full on YouTube. Not much is known about where the pilot was aired- or if it had ever been aired at all.

PLOT[edit | edit source]

The plot of 110 Lombard Street is mostly unknown, as no TV guides or full synopsis seem to exist online. The clips available from the pilot show wildly varying scenarios, which implies that the show would cut between the three main characters (played by Mike Myers, Ryan Stiles, and Bob Bainborough respectively). An excerpt from a Vulture article implies that Myers’ character would be dealing with both impressing his girlfriend’s father and deciding on if he should take a job that would require him moving to California, but the plotlines of Stiles’ and Bainborough’s characters are unknown.

AVAILABILITY[edit | edit source]

The pilot used to be available in full on Second City’s YouTube channel in 2016, but has since been privated for unknown reasons.

FOUND FOOTAGE[edit | edit source]

Two clips have surfaced, although more may be available. The first one was published by Second City's official YouTube channel, and features Myers' character getting into an argument with his girlfriend’s father. The second clip takes a completely difficult direction, featuring Ryan Stiles’ character having a nightmare within a nightmare of getting bitten by a vampire.

Clip 1 Clip 2

REFERENCES[edit | edit source]

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