Xuxa Park (lost unaired episodes of Brazilian TV program; 2001)

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Xuxa Park logo.jpeg

The program's logo.

Status: Lost

Xuxa Park was a Brazilian children's television series directed by Marlene Mattos, and hosted by Xuxa Meneghel. It was aired o TV Globo from June 4, 1994 to January 6, 2001. The show is a Brazilian version of Xuxa Park produced by Spain's Tele5 in 1992.

On January 11, 2001, a fire started at the end of the taping of an episode, scheduled to be aired on February 24. The presenter escaped physically unharmed, but had several psychological traumas. Nobody died in the incident, but she was shaken to find that 26 people were injured, seven of them in serious condition. The show was put on hiatus and ultimately cancelled.

A small portion of the tape, exclusively showing the fire, was shown by TV Globo themselves on their news program Jornal Nacional and frequently shown on other TV news programs. Although the video of the fire was never considered lost, the rest of the episode was never aired. Furthermore, eight episodes were already recorded and scheduled to be aired, but, out of respect for the victims, they were also never aired. As such, the last episode of Xuxa Park ever broadcasted was aired on January 6, 2001.

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