Wuz Wuz & Bott Bott (partially found Arabic children's CGI animated TV series; 2001-2005)

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Poster for the series.

Status: Partially Found

Wuz Wuz & Bott Bott is a 3D animated children’s series made by Arascope. This series is notorious for being a blatant rip-off of the famous Christian series, VeggieTales. Wuz Wuz & Bott Bott aired on Disney Channel Arabia and MBC 3, and went on to win seven awards.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Not much information is known about this series, as it is very obscure. Twenty-six 13-minute long episodes (Nineteen episodes overall if combining the two-part episodes into one full episode each) of the series were produced. As of now, all of Seasons 1 and 2 have been uploaded by Arascope and Mooky to their official YouTube channels (all of Season 1 and two Season 2 episodes appeared on Arascope's channel, while the rest of Season 2 appeared on Mooky's channel); as for Season 3, only two episodes (both of which are incomplete and were recorded in bad quality off of SAT7 Kids) have been uploaded to YouTube by the user ڀIsaQueڇ, and only clips of three more episodes— sourced from demo reels, a music video from one of these episodes, and the show's Season 3 opening intro— have been found and uploaded to YouTube by Mr. Nebba and Mooky. One of these Season 3 episodes hasn't resurfaced in any form, and only time will tell when the remaining four Season 3 episodes (especially the aforementioned three in full and not just clips) will be found.

The series is currently airing re-runs on SAT7 Kids every Saturday at 1:15 p.m. CET (7:15 a.m. EST, 4:15 a.m. PST, and 11:15 a.m. UTC) and also being recently released on Mooky's official YouTube channel (without the opening and closing credits and also with some scenes cut). It's currently unknown if the show still airs on SAT7 Kids, and Mooky has recently just stopped releasing further Wuz Wuz & Bott Bott episodes after the Season 2 finale "Fajita" (part 2) at the moment but released music videos of the show on their channel (one of them being another Season 3 episode that isn't online) as of 20 March 2022, so there's a possibility that Mooky might release the rest of Season 3, otherwise the rest of Season 3 may not resurface any time soon unless someone happens to come forward with further SAT-7 Kids recordings, or possibly even any MBC 3 recordings (whether captured off TV or recorded with VHS) of the show, if at all.

Despite this, VHS releases of the show are known to exist and had been available by the branches of Cairo Sound Company for Audio and Video, but have been long out of print and, so far, none of them have been put up on any auction sites.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Episodes found, complete or not[edit | edit source]

"Wuz Wuz the Singer" (full episode) (1/15)
"The Secret Detectives" (full episode) (2/15)
"Zippers" (full episode) (3/15)
"Forgiveness" (full episode) (4/15)
"Wuz Wuz the Sailor" (full episode, split into two parts) (5/15)
"Video Jim" (full episode) (6/15)
"Bott Bott the Hero" (full episode) (7/15)
"Magic Words" (full episode) (8/15)
"Japanese Play" (full episode) (9/15)
"Dove of Peace" (full episode) (10/15)
"Princess Sneezy" (part 1) (11/15)
"Princess Sneezy" (part 2) (11/15)
"Freedom Planet" (part 1) (12/15)
"Freedom Planet" (part 2) (12/15)
"Fajita" (part 1) (13/15)
"Fajita" (part 2) (13/15)
Hot Mustard (part 2 only) (15/15)
The Magic Dropper (part 1, incomplete) (14/15)
The Magic Dropper (part 2, incomplete) (14/15)
Clips from "Clown Contest".
Music video featuring montage of another elusive episode, possibly "City of Heroes".
Clips from "Princess Fatouta".

Elusive episodes[edit | edit source]

  • uncut versions of any Season 2 episode that only appeared cut down on Mooky's channel for online releases
  • "Hot Mustard" (part 1)
  • "The Magic Dropper" (full versions of both parts)
  • "Clown Contest" (full episode)
  • "City of Heroes" (full episode)
  • "The Berry Gift" (both parts)
  • "Princess Fatouta" (full episode)

Other[edit | edit source]

Compilation of clips, with English subs.
Clips for some of the episodes as listed above are seen at 0:22 in Arascope's animation demo reel.
Clips for some of the episodes as listed above are also seen at 0:34 in another one of Arascope's demo reels.

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