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I have trouble making infoboxes, and I feel that takes down the quality of my articles. I type the code in for the infoboxes, but for some reason, once I save it turns into a giant jumbled mess. I don't know what to do.

When I personally do when there isn't an infobox or just creating an article is that I look at the Rules, guidelines and tips section on infoboxes and just copy and paste it into the article. I then just replace the information with the new info and it's completed. Hope this helps you. - Ryan

Thanks, I usually just type in the infobox code manually, and I guess that's what causes the messiness. - Astro

If you want to, I noticed everything of code was good except for the fact that you never finished the code with the two }}. It should go onto a separate line underneath the image caption part but just before the first paragraph. - Ryan

Just below the rest of the code? - Astro

Hi Astro! I was wondering if there was anything i can do to help? I made some mistakes on the wiki and i need to make up for them. If there's anything i can do please message me on my talk page, thank you! -Callie

Hey astro, sorry about messing up on the article i've written. just wanted to apologise because i feel really bad about it. -Deathnipple

Don't put yourself down, your article is pretty good and is way better if you compare it to some of the deleted articles on the wiki or articles from the LMA. - astro

Thanks for informing me about the mistakes I've made for retrieving sources. - not an alt

Hello, just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for fixing the partially found/lost thing on my new article (the Julia Jekyll one). I wasn't sure which way round was the right way, so thank you for clarifying. - WTLNetwork