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I've got no time for mercy

Status: Magical

Bio[edit | edit source]

Hi, I’m theolex I’m a really big fan of Fire Emblem and video games nowadays in quarantine. I'm also into lost media in the lost media wiki since the dawn of time I'm kidding I've been here since 2015ish or 2014ish and I'm drawn here thanks to Blameitonjorge and now I'm an editor on the lost media wiki that I come back to every now and then if I don't have any interests I always come back here no matter what. My favorite color is magenta and that's why some of the text is that way but I'm also fond of dark colors and shades of purple as well.

I haven't written any articles I've written it once and it got deleted. I don't want to write again not because of giving up it's just lack of interest I'll stick to editing for now.

I don't really quite like talking about myself so this is quite short.

Contact[edit | edit source]