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Hey It's me, LoseratFinding. I like cartoons and I like finding lost things and making them not lost. Or trying to anyway. Now I'm an admin. Ain't that cool?

And I have a Youtube channel that's called Another Archive Channel too? What can't I do?

Stuff I've Found[edit | edit source]

  • I have, like, a knockoff of the jungle book from UAV Corporation that isn't online I could put up some time.
  • I got some super rare PC games dude like some crappy FMV game about Pocahontas or something. Maybe I'll rip them sometime duuuuuuude.
  • I also probably recorded some commercials that aren't anywhere. Whoopie.

Stuff I'd Like to be Found[edit | edit source]

  • SGC2C "Snatch" transcript and remaining Gametap episodes
  • The 2007 Jojo Phantom Blood movie (it's apparently kind of crap, but the animation looks really pretty)
  • Uncut version of The Black Cauldron
  • Any Don Bluth stuff just cause I'm a sucker for his style
  • 15,000 Dibujos, the first Chilean animated film
  • Tim Curry's audio as the Joker from The Animated Series
  • Uncle Gus shorts from Cartoon Network
  • Anything relating to CN, really
  • Anything period.