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The origin of my name should be obvious

Status: For a minute there I lost myself

Welcome to my little corner of this site. I first read the wiki sometime in late 2015 or early 2016, but only made an account in late 2017. Still don't know how I came across it originally.

A controversial opinion, but I feel this site lacks maturity. I personally think it's because too many little kids occupy the site, hence lower quality edits and a focus on children's media. Don't get me wrong, a lot of users do a great job and I have a huge interest in it, but lost media is something considered an adult hobby when concerning silent films, and I struggle to realize why the topic isn't touched on as much. I propose the new age limit is moved to sixteen to ensure a higher quality site.

My username comes from the formerly lost Radiohead music video for Let Down. While my liking of the band comes into play, the main reason for my username choice is how unexpectedly amazing the lost portion was. That seems to be what really sparked interest in lost media for me.

Articles I Have Created[edit | edit source]

Number Name of article Date created About
1 Figment: Language Arts Through Imagination (partially lost series of educational Disney short films; 1988-1989) April 21, 2018 My very first article. I was interested in how obscure a full series of cartoons based on Figment was despite the character's popularity. The Disney community picked up on the series very shortly after I started the article, which resulted in it becoming mostly found very quickly. In many regards this is my response to the poor quality children's cartoon articles that litter the site. It's perfectly fine to make them, but I feel this is the effort that should be put in.