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Poisson (lost prototype of "Transformice" massively multiplayer online flash game; 2009-2010)[edit | edit source]


Login screen.

Status: Lost

Transformice is an online game developed by French indie developer Atelier 801. Players play as a mouse, with the main objective being to bring the cheese back into the hole, though in most maps in certain modes, a special type of mouse called a "shaman" is chosen based on whoever has the highest score, serving as a guide to help their followers to collect cheese. Prior to Transformice's release, there were two games with a similar concept, one of them being Poisson (lit. Fish).

Poisson had gameplay similar to Transformice, moreso than Aaaah!, another game sharing the same concept. However, it seems to have a couple of differences; notably the playable characters being fish, the main goal of the game being to enter the fishbowl before dying, the existence of an upwards cannonball, which existed in early builds of Transformice, the players always starting on the bottom-left corner, the limited amount of anchors available, and the guide player being able to stop time. Poisson shut down a few months later, though when exactly is unknown.

While Transformice and its earliest predecessor Aaaah! continue to exist as downloadable games following Adobe Flash's demise in December 31st, 2020, Poisson remains completely lost, with screenshots, gameplay footage, and very few assets from the game itself the only remaining evidence of its existence. According to Tigrounette in the now-defunct Extinction site, Atelier 801 doesn't seem to have the source code anymore, rendering the chances of Poisson resurfacing to be very slim.

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