Uncle Bob's Lucky 7 Club (partially found Filipino live children's TV series; 1961-1992)

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Robert La Rue "Uncle Bob" Stewart.

Status: Partially Found

Uncle Bob's Lucky 7 Club, later renamed as The New Uncle Bob's Lucky 7 Club after his departure, is one of the earliest children shows for the Philippines. The show became iconic to the children that grew up at the 1960s-1980s.

Info[edit | edit source]

The show was aired every Saturday morning on GMA-7. Stewart also has two sidekick puppets: Spanky the Elephant and Pancho the Worm.[1] Stewart is known for his catchphrase "hot-diggity-dog" and vocables like ""bum-bum-barum" or "pum-pa-rum-pum".[2]

It is known that kids can write letters to Uncle Bob and they will read them on air. It also has a "Show and Tell" segment where kids are asked what are their favorite toys. Stewart also has a "live TV commercial" on the show where he endorses the toys of the sponsors. Known advertisers of the shows are Royal Gelatin, Crazy Foam Gun, Pan Pizza, Marisol Manor, G.I. Joe, Panacraft Handicrafts, Popcar, Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Zoids, Connectibles, and Play-Doh.[3]

There are also memorable moments of the show recalled by eyewitnesses, with an eyewitness being interviewed with his brother, with them arguing about their ages and it is said that Stewart cut straight to the commercial. It is also known that Stewart has bid goodbyes a lot in his show but not actually leaving, with a group of kids creating a farewell card for him and was thrilled as Stewart read the card on air.[4]

Availability[edit | edit source]

Scenes and pictures of the TV show are available online. However, it is believed the full episodes are lost. It is unknown if GMA intends to release them or if they have the archives of the said show.

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The New Uncle Bob's Lucky 7 Club footage.

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