Tiffany Blake (lost DiC animated series; existence unconfirmed; 1987)

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Starcom bianca.jpg

Characters of Starcom: The U.S. Space Force and Beverly Hills Teens. The Tiffany Blake series might have resembled this visual style.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Tiffany Blake is a rumored lost animated series that was known to be developed by animation company DiC for 1987. There is not much information on the series besides online searches for the title would return info on a pornographic actress by the same name. The series was first described in a December 1986 LA Times news article, later re-released in the February 1st, 1987 issue of The Milwaukee Journal with the title "Rich Role Models," about DiC's Fall 1987 animated TV package.

The title character was described as "a female James Bond character who uses her day job (glamorous fashion model) as a cover for her daring espionage activities" and was to be part of DiC's Fall '87 package, which also included Beverly Hills Teens and Starcom: The U.S. Space Force (both series are known to fully exist). The producers of the series were looking to "provide "wholesome" role models for kids." Ritch Colbert, who was president of Access Syndicate (which ceased to exist by 1988), described the Tiffany Blake "spy-model" character as "no bimbo."

It is quite likely that Tiffany Blake may have never made it to final production and/or release. No screenshots or footage from the series has been released online.

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