The Best Gamers Stream (partially found livestreams; 2011-2017)

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The Best Gamers' logo.

Status: Partially Found

The Best Gamers Stream was a livestream hosted by the creators of the aforementioned "The Best Gamers", starring Rockcock64 (creator and host of The Best Gamers), cousinskeeter2k3 (Known nowadays as DingDongVG; one of the two founders of Wan Wan Games and one of the the previous co-stars of OneyPlays [not counting their pilot Rugrats: Search for Reptar series), Karnivore89, and Spazkid (YouTube animator, pornographic artist, and one of the earlier co-stars of Oney Plays). The stream would frequently guest-star other notable figures, including Julian (The other founder of Wan Wan Games and co-star of OneyPlays), OneyNG (The online animator responsible for the "Left 4 Speed," "Wingardium Leviosa," and "Dragonzball P" parody videos, as well as Leo & Satan, the host of OneyPlays, a notable member of Sleepycast, and one of the creators of Hellbenders), and psychicpebbles (YouTube animator responsible for "GET OUT OF MY CAR" and "Arrow to the Knee," as well as the other creator of Hellbenders).

Best Gamers[edit | edit source]

The Best Gamers was a 2010-2015 YouTube parody of video game reviews hosted by Rockcock64 and edited by cousinskeeter2k3. Their reviews are filled with visual and auditory elements styled after/taken from the '90s and early 2000s. This '90s aesthetic is juxtaposed with a harsh critique of video games and video game culture through dry humor and sarcasm.

They got a large resurgence in popularity after people found out DingdongVG was a part of The Best Gamers, as well as a smaller resurgence after being parodied by SiIvagunner.

Found Media[edit | edit source]

Since this was a Twitch livestream, and as such was purged in 2014, it's nearly impossible to list every single stream done, so this list will likely always be incomplete.

A huge brunt of the lost videos are available without names, though some are still missing (are likely unknown, other than the February prank call).

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