The Beatles Cartoon (partially lost skits/bumpers of animated TV series; 1965-1967)

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Title card of the show.

Status: Partially Lost

The Beatles Cartoon (more known as The Beatles Saturday Morning Cartoons) was an American animated TV series created by Al Brodax and based on the British Rock band of the same name. It ran from 1965 to 1969 (only 1965 to 1967 was first to run; later transmissions were reruns) with a total of 39 episodes, three seasons and 78 Singalongs. The series was a historical milestone as the first weekly television series to feature animated versions of real, living people.[1] This show was more known for its "So bad it's good" nature, fanbase, and lore on the website "Tumblr."


After every episode, The Beatles cartoon usually had bumpers or skits (short bridges from commercial to feature) that had a storyline; Season 1 bumpers had five parts, but Season 2 and 3 bumpers were self-contained comedy sketches. These segments had a duration of 10, 20, or 30 seconds and were animated in Mexico City by Los Dibujos Animados.

The sketches frequently feature George and Ringo (mostly Ringo) trying a hobby or an adventure in which one of them ends up in trouble or lucky. Other sketches featured John and Paul getting into odd situations. In a few Season 1 skits, John or Paul help George and Ringo with a hobby or weird situation, while season 2-3 features Ringo and George (frequently George) in weird situations that always end in him getting injured.


The Skits from season 1 are available incomplete with Japanese Audio, and 2 of them are lost, the skiing segment is the only complete skit. It is available on YouTube while season 2-3 Self-Contained Bumpers has partially found except for two ones available in Japanese Audio as well. It's unknown if there are more bumpers and self-contained available on bootleg DVDs. Currently, the YouTube Channel: ALEXBEATLE has partially uploaded three completed bumpers in Spanish and only one in English.

During mid-2018, the Youtube User ALEXBEATLE has been uploading the skits and sketches of the show on his channel, but some of it has the original English audio missing.

List of Sketches (Season 1)

# Title Descripcion Status
1 Desert The Beatles are lost in a desert Found
2 Gigant Pearl Ringo and George discover a giant pearl atop a tree Partially Lost (First act is missing in English)
3 Sleepwalking Ringo's sleepwalking makes him assume any animal whose name is mentioned. Found
4 BeeKeeping Ringo and George Beekeeping gives John the Hives Found (Spanish Audio only)
5 Skiing Ringo and George wind up in a ski race Found
6 Fishing Paul and John fishing trip leads them out of sea Partially Lost (Fourth act is missing in English)

List of Sketches (Season 2-3, All Self-Contained)

# Descripcion Status
1 Ringo encounters a man-eating plant. Lost
2 Ringo Makes a Phone Call Found
3 Ringo fixes George's Radio Found
4 Ringo and the Fortune Teller Lost
5 Ringo and the Beanstalk Found
6 Ringo and George and the merry-go-round Found
7 Ringo and the Alien Found
8 Ringo and George on a Moose Hunting Found
9 Ringo takes up shadow boxing Found
10 Ringo takes on Judo Found
11 Ringo finds an Island with a Bathtub Stopper Found
12 Ringo has a car accident Lost
13 Ringo's Serenade (Scenes from next week's show) Lost
14 Ringo as a Cowboy (Scenes from next week's show) Found
15 Ringo Flies (Scenes from next week's show) Found


A Broadcasting compilation which features a small English Audio Clip of Ringo with the Alien (0:17), Ringo's Judo (2:27), Fixing the Radio (6:13) and incomplete first seconds of English audio of the Merry-Go-Round Segment (8:40).
A compilation of all the available Season 1 Skits; although, with Japanese audio.
A Compilation of Bumpers and promos Feauting the Cowboy one and the Skiing Episode with English audio (Starts at 1:18).
The Phone Calling Segment.
Ringo and The Alien Segment (Japanese audio).
The Merry-Go-Round Segment (Japanese audio).
Ringo and the Beanstalk segment (better quality).
Another broadcasting compilation with the incomplete Shadow Boxing segment (0:00) and the moose hunting segment (2:11).
The Giant Pearl segment in Spanish audio where the first act it's seen. Courtesy by: ALEXBEATLE
The Bathtub stopped Segment.

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