The Anti Gravity Room (partially found American/Canadian TV series; 1995-1997)

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Anti gravity room title screen.jpeg

The title screen for the TV series.

Status: Partially Found

The Anti-Gravity Room was a weekly show focused on comics, video games, movies, music, and pop culture. It featured interviews and reviews. It was a Canadian/American joint production between YTV and the Sci-Fi Channel. The two main hosts were Nick Scoullar in New York and Phil Guerrero in Toronto. Other hosts over the years included Shashi Bhatia, Jaimy Mahlon, Eugenie Vincent, Aashna Patel & Patricia Ribeiro. Special guest hosts have included Kevin Smith, Janeane Garofalo, Laurie Pike, Jeff Smith, Heidi MacDonald & Ben Stiller.

Prior to being picked up by YTV, the show existed as a call-in show on public-access television. None of these early episodes are publicly available.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

# Episode Title Status
1 Halloween Found
2 Women In Comics Partially Found
3 Spies Lost
4 Rock 'n' Roll Found
5 Critters Lost
6 Collections (1 | 2) Partially Found
7 Strange & Unexplained Lost
8 TV and Movies Lost
9 The Global Village Lost
10 Visions of the Future Lost
11 The Fringe Lost
12 Teenage Riot (1 | 2 | 3 | 4) Found
13 Legends Found
14 Making Comics Found
15 Space: The Final Frontier Found
16 The End... or Utopia Partially Found
17 Collectibles Found
18 Not Necessarily Super Heroes Found
19 Social Relevance Found
20 Merchandising Found
21 Pot Luck Lost
22 Villains Found
23 The Fringe II Found
24 The Global Village Found
25 Rock & Roll Found
26 Superhero Teams Lost
27 San Diego Comic Convention Found
28 Computers Lost
29 Rock & Roll II Lost
30 The Fringe III Lost
31 Fun And Games Found
32 Old Stories New Twists Lost
33 Comic Books on the Screen Found
34 Sci-Fi and the Future Lost
35 Mange & Anime Found
36 Women in Comics II Found
37 Pot Luck II 1 | 2| 3| 4| 5| 6 Partially Found
38 Monsters and Evil Found
39 Fantasy Found
40 Fashion Found
41 Alternative Artists Found
42 Great Stories Found
43 Merchandising & Collecting (III) Found
44 Pot Luck (I) Found
45 Humour Found
46 Pot Luck (II) Lost
47 Crime Found
48 Pot Luck (III) Lost
49 Bad Ideas Lost
50 Movies and TV Lost
51 Crossovers and Alternate Realities Found
52 Gold and Silver Age Partially Found
53 Pot Luck (IV) Lost
54 N/A Lost
55 Legends Lost

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