The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (partially found deleted Mary-Jane Watson scenes of superhero film; 2014)

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Status: Partially Found

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a 2014 live-action superhero film directed by Marc Webb. While it didn't do well critically, this film was the final entry in the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man series, stopping at only two films when a potential cinematic universe that was teased.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 was supposed to be the first film in this series's franchise to introduce the character of Mary-Jane Watson, longtime love and wife of Peter Parker in the comics. She was going to be played by Shailene Woodley from Divergent fame. However, by the time the film came out, it was already announced that her entire role was cut from the final film.

Director Marc Webb talked about the exclusion of the character from the film and had this to say.[1]

“There was one little scene at the beginning where she is next door, and it took place right around the montage where he comes back, and there was another little moment between Gwen and MJ. But it just tipped over. The relationship between them [Peter and Gwen] is so sacred and so powerful that it just didn’t feel right. And it sucks because Shailene is such a f**king great actress and so cool and magical, but it was just about having this obligation to this romance that I thought was sacred. It was just one of those things.”

But even after a Blu-ray release of the film, the franchise being cancelled, and the studio moving on with Marvel Studios in producing new Spider-Man films, no actual footage of these deleted Mary-Jane scenes has been available for viewing. The only clue to her involvement other than set pictures is a recording of B-roll of three scenes involving Woodley.

Deleted Mary-Jane Watson Scenes[edit | edit source]

Mary-Jane at the Coffee Shop[edit | edit source]

This scene looks to take place during the opening of the film when Spider-Man is swinging around the city to stop a robbery in progress. It's a small scene but would give context to the Spider-Man/Peter Parker and MJ relationship before they ever truly met.

MJ Meets Peter Parker[edit | edit source]

Going by the context of attire from the footage of the behind the scenes filming, this scene would have taken place sometime after the first meeting of Spider-Man and Electro, where Peter is working on updating his webbing.

MJ meets Peter for the first time as his new neighbour, rolling up on a motorcycle, causing Peter to be instantly smitten.

MJ Meets Gwen Stacy[edit | edit source]

For the first time and possibly only time in this sequel, the two infamous loves of Peter Parker's life come together to meet when Gwen Stacy shows up at Peter's house and finds MJ. By the context of the footage, this scene was possibly meant to happen sometime near the end of the film, when Gwen is on her way to leave for school and looking to say goodbye to Peter one last time.

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