That Dude in the Suede's missing rant (lost internet video; 2008)

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An image of Suede.

Status: Lost

That Dude In The Suede (real name: William DuFresne) is an online anime critic formerly of popular comedic reviewing website Channel Awesome.

In 2008, shortly before he was added to the site, he uploaded a rant video criticizing YouTube's policies. Doug Walker was having his early Nostalgia Critic reviews taken down for "copyright violations" even though his reviews were under the "fair use" clause. Suede's video impressed Walker so much that Suede became one of the first critics added to the site.

Suede promised that once the whole issue cooled down that he'd remove the video from YouTube. He kept his promise and the video hasn't been seen anywhere on the Internet since. No mirror has ever been found and Suede doesn't even have a copy of the video, as he only saved it onto a now long-dead college computer. Unless someone happened to download the video, it may be lost forever.

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