Super Mario Bros. (lost Commodore 64 port of NES platformer; existence unconfirmed; 1986)

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SMB NES Cover.jpg

The front cover to Super Mario Bros. on NES, which the rumored Commodore 64 version would have ported.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Super Mario Bros. for the Commodore 64 is a rumored port of the classic game for the NES/Famicom to the Commodore 64. In 1985, Super Mario Bros. was released in North America and Japan and took the consumer market by storm. A company by the name of Orpheus was rumored to have been working on a port of Super Mario Bros. for the Commodore 64 in 1986 but was possibly denied a license by Nintendo.

The first known mention of the port is in a 2005 thread on, where a user recalled having played a disk copy of Super Mario Bros. on the Commodore 64 some time between 1986 and 1987. One of the members in the thread suggested that it may have been the unreleased Orpheus version, but did not go into further detail.[1] Later in 2012, an article on the port was submitted to, which told the same story but added that it was cancelled due to Nintendo denying the license. The page also noted the possibility that it may never have been completed or even started, in the first place.[2]

Both pages specify that it would have been an official port, not the hacked version of The Great Giana Sisters that was edited to include Mario sprites. Little else is known about the port, and it's likely that the game did not make it past the concept stages if it was ever in development at all.

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