Space Race (partially found PBS Kids web series; 2011)

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The original Space Race logo used from 2011 to 2014.

Status: Partially Found

Space Race was a web series on PBS Kids that launched on March 22nd, 2011.[1] It featured 8 characters/webisodes interviewed by Gary Galaxy (played by Meyer DeLeeuw), a 3D Galaxy Adventure game, the Space Race Trivia quiz, the What Spaceship are You? widget, printables, and e-cards.[2] The series relaunched as a TV show on May 2nd, 2014 under the new name Space Racers, which currently airs on PBS Kids and Universal Kids in the U.S., and TVO Kids in Canada (Space Racers was distributed by both PBS Kids and American Public Television in 2014).

Webisodes[edit | edit source]

# Webisode Title Topic Status Notes
0 Trailer N/A Found Has to be downloaded as a .mov file to view the trailer.
1 Eagle Wingstrong Earth Found
2 Pigeon Pirelli Moon Lost
3 Vulture Albatross Space Stations Lost
4 Colonel Coot Mars Lost
5 Sabia Wingstrong Sun Lost
6 Robyn Egger Mercury & Venus Lost
7 Condor Wingstrong Asteroid Belt Lost
8 Master Crane Jupiter Lost

Games[edit | edit source]

Game Title Status
3D Space Racer/Galaxy Adventure 3D Lost
Space Race Trivia Lost
What Spaceship Are You? Lost

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