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The show's logo.

Status: Partially Lost

Labeled as "The Show That Is Almost Too Painful To Watch", Scarred was a TV show that began airing on MTV on April 10th, 2007 up to the end of the same year. It was hosted by Papa Roach's frontman Jacoby Shaddix.

The show consisted of clips taken from the internet of people getting seriously hurt while practicing stunts from various extreme sports such as BMX, Skating, Rollerblading, Skiing, etc. The person featured in each clip would talk about the backstory of the accident and the scar that they got from it. Each episode featured 5 clips and were ranked from the least shocking accident up to "The Most %$&^@ Up Clip Of The Day", featuring the grossest injury, or the nastiest scar. Each episode would come with a warning not to send any videos to MTV and to not try any of the stunts featured.

Later episodes would feature callbacks to people that were featured earlier on, with sections including "Mother Knows Best" which had the mothers of the individuals featured giving their opinion about the accident and "Where Are They Now?" where individuals previously featured on the show would come back to tell the story of a different scar they'd got since.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Season 1 consisted of 10 episodes and 1 TV special, all of which were once available online on the official MTV site, but have since been taken down. Thankfully, Vimeo user MTV Scarred uploaded 9 of the 11 episodes, all excluding Episode 1 and the special episode Scarred: Worst of the Worst : which counted down the 10 worst injuries of the season as voted by the viewers. This special would also contain mini-lists consisting of "Worst Screams" or "Weirdest Descriptions of Pain".

# Episode Title Air Date Clips featured Status
1 Keep Both Feet on the Ground April 10th, 2007 #5: Cody breaks his ankle while trying to ollie a huge set of stairs; #4: Brian breaks his wrist on a homemade catapult; #3: Rich gashes his shin on a failed BMX rail stunt; #2: Mike fails to get his rollerblade on a rail and breaks his head open; #1: Joseph tries to do a flip and breaks his ankle. Found
2 Two Elbows April 17th, 2007 #5: Yuri is left in a coma after a failed rollerblade jump; #4: Morgan busts his lip after his bike pokes the edge of a ramp ; #3: Mitch splits his testicle sack on a jagged part of a rail; #2: Kevin longboards onto a jagged rail at 50mph and opens his knee; #1: Andres breaks his elbow at a failed skate rail stunt. Found
3 Hit and Pop April 24th, 2007 #5: Eric breaks his arm on a short rail slide; #4: Tanner fails a huge ski jump and breaks both of his ankles. ; #3: Adam hurts his spine and lungs after a failed skate grind; #2: Pat breaks his tibia after a failed Mega Jump bail; #1: Corey's foot gets stuck on grass and breaks his ankle, tibia, and fibula. Found
4 Serious Pressure Buildup May 1st, 2007 #5: Jad twists both ankles on a bad landing.; #4: Martin slips on a rail and breaks his wrist. ; #3: Carson lands on his fingers after a bad stunt and exposes his bones.; #2: Wade 's legs collapse under him after a failed bailout; #1: Brian breaks his ligaments while powerlifting. Found
5 Scarred in Two Spots May 8th, 2007 #5: Mason fractures his leg after failing to land on a rail.; #4: Eddy cracks his kneecap after landing a snowboard trick. ; #3: Tony 's bike slips on a rail and provokes a big faceplant.; #2: Bruce rips his intestines after failing to grind a handrail.; #1: Dean's arm splits in half after botching a simple grind. Found
6 Butt Crack Blues May 15th, 2007 #5: Chris snaps his arm after slipping off his skateboard.; #4: Josh breaks his kneecap after his bike slipped off a rail. ; #3: Jason tears his midddle finger off after bouncing off his ATV; #2: Sarah gains an infection after tearing her ligaments in a soccer match.; #1: Kenny lands his buttcrack on a rail and tears it. Found
7 A Scrubbing Session May 22nd, 2007 #5: Kyle's head bounces off the pavement whlie landing a rollerblade stunt in reverse; #4: Jared 's skiis cut his shin deeply after landing on rocks. ; #3: Kenny fails a motocross backflip and dislocates his femur; #2: Liz crashes against another skater and rolls over her own arm.; #1: Gary 's arm bones are exposed and infected when he falls short of a motocross jump. Found
8 Cut From Ear-to-Ear May 29th, 2007 #5: Isaiah's snowboard gets stuck on a rail and snaps his leg in half; #4: Ryan lands a BMX trick badly and breaks his fibula as a result. ; #3: Cory's head gets stomped by a bull in a rodeo show.; #2: Chris fractures his arm at a rollerblading competition.; #1: Seth 's face smashes against his bike's handlebars after a daredevil stunt. Found
9 Can You Handle This? June 5th, 2007 #4: Jorma loses his balance on a rail and breaks his femur when his snowbard gets trapped.; #3: Chris shatters his femur after bailing off his motorbike. ; #2: Matthew gets a powerful soccer shot to the wrist and breaks it.; #1: Garth lands a huge snowmobile jump short and bails, breaking his leg on his own vehicle. Found
10 An Old Man's Butt June 12th, 2007 #5: Paul slips from his skateboard and lands directly on his arm, breaking it.; #4: Tom attempts a backflip on his bike but comes up short and breaks his shoulder. ; #3: Joseph's skateboard bumps into a ledge and he breaks his ribcage landing chest first into the ground.; #2: Tom suffers a huge fall from a snow mountain and fractures his arm.; #1: Rick exposes his leg muscles after the pegs of his bike slam into him Partially Lost
10.5 Scarred: Worst of the Worst September 14th, 2007 #10: ???; #9: ???; #8: ???; #7: ???; #6: ???; #5: ???; #4: ???; #3: ???; #2: ???; #1: Dean's arm splits in half after botching a simple grind. (from Ep. 5) Partially Found

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Season 2 aired on July 17th, 2007, and it also featured 10 episodes with a TV Special in between. The format remained the same as the first, counting down 5 injuries from the least shocking to the most '&#@^*3 up', but the graphics of the show got an update, now actually featuring the name of the person involved and the number before each clip. Plus, new segments were added to some episodes, such as "Mother Knows Best" and "Where Are They Now?". Both sections revisited some of the people that were featured in the first season. This season also featured a crossover special called Scarred: Hot Rod Edition, which was a promotion of the 2007 movie Hot Rod, starring Andy Samberg. Samberg himself replaced Jacoby Shaddix as host for this episode.

Episodes 12 and 13 are available on Vimeo by user MTV Scarred, but are incorrectly labeled. Episodes 11, 14, 19, and 20 are also available in YouTube thanks to various users, though some episodes are divided, and many segments from the interviews and Jacoby are missing and the quality of the clips vary. Episodes 15, 16, 17, and 18 are mostly lost with some of the clips floating around on YouTube.

# Episode Title Air Date Clips featured Status
11 Alex's Bike Collapse July 17th, 2007 #5: Cory breaks his ankle trying to jump a set of stairs; #4: Joe kicks his skateboard out of frustration and it bounces back, busting his eye.; #3: Paul miscalculates a wallride, and he breaks his jaw slamming into concrete; #2: Brandon falls from a huge distance backwards on rollerblades, and his head bounces against the pavement. ; #1: Alex lands a huge BMX jump, but his bike collapses upon landing, dragging his face on the ooncrete; Where Are They Now: Morgan (from Ep.2) Found; Found;
12 Denys Has A Seizure July 24th, 2007 #5: Kevin loses teeth and breaks his nose after a BMX jump comes up short; #4: Michael breaks his wrist in half after slipping off a stair jump; #3: Josh gets his foot caught in a chain and it twists his leg the wrong way; #2: Zach faceplants onto concrete after his bike slips from a rail; #1: Denys suffers a huge seizure after slamming his head on stairs off a failed rollerblading stunt; Mother Knows Best: Rich (from Ep. 1) Found
12.5 Scarred: Hot Rod Edition July 31st, 2007 Special hosted by Andy Samberg for his movie Hot Rod. 3 of the 5 clips shown featured Andy Samberg himself. Lost
13 Face Ripped Apart Aug 7th, 2007 #5: Tyler botches a stair jump and breaks his leg; #4: Franco 's face hits a rail, busting his lip.; #3: CJ trips while skating down some stairs, and his arm snaps on a small canal.; #2: Nathaniel snaps his leg in half after slipping off a rail; #1: Lee drags his face on dirt after not clearing a big bike jump. Found
14 You Love What You Do Aug 14th, 2007 #5: Mike damages his spine after launching himself forward off a failed bike jump.; #4: Ricky overshoots a rail and faceplants onto concrete; #3: Truman 's skateboard gets stuck on a pebble and launches him forward onto a concrete ditch, breaking his wrist.; #2: Patrick tries to jump a tennis net on his bike, but his back wheel gets stuck and he faceplants.; #1: Tony Hawk flies off a loop ramp and breaks his pelvis and forehead while wearing a gorilla costume.; Where Are They Now: Bruce (from Ep.5) Partially Found
15 Any Face Helmet? Aug 21st, 2007 #5: Bob goes flying off a rail and breaks his elbow when landing; #4: Kara rolls her ATV over while racing, and it breaks her wrist.; #3: Josh lands awkwardly after bailing out of a rail grind, breaking his ankle.; #2: Scott tries to clear a big gap, but his bike's front wheel bumps against a fence and makes him faceplant.; #1: Phil slams hard into the ground after his bike slips, sending him into shock. Found; Lost; Lost; Lost; Found
16 Scarred Episode 16 Aug 28th, 2007 #5: Sarah fractures her tibia while skateboarding; #4: James cuts his head while snowboarding.; #3: Brian looses his teeth and breaks his chin after landing on a puddle.; #2: Casey faceplants off a wallride.; #1: Brian Deegan lands badly after a motocross stunt, and the bike's handles slammed against his stomach. Lost; Lost; Lost; Lost; Found
17 Scarred Episode 17 Sep 4th, 2007 #5: Albie 's bike gets caught on a chain and scrapes his knuckles; #4: Mike tries to land a rail grind but lands on his head.; #3: Craig miscalculates a grind and damages his intestines.; #2: Dan tries to grind a difficult rail and splits his skull.; #1: Chris botches a rollerblade rail transfer and lands directly into his genitals, severing his urethra tube; Mother Knows Best: Mitch (from Ep. 2) Lost; Lost; Lost; Lost; Found; Lost
18 Scarred Episode 18 Sep 11th, 2007 #5: Jared 's skateboard slips off a ramp and he breaks his wrist.; #4: Preston wounds his face after a botched BMX jump.; #3: Matt gains a concussion and almost breaks his neck after a failed BMX jump.; #2: Dustin was successfully doing a rail grind until the rail dislodged and caused a giant slash on his shin.; #1: Chester lands the whole weight of his bike and body on his right foot, snapping it after a botched fence-ride. Found; Lost; Partially Found; Found; Partially Found
19 Scarred Episode 19 Sep 18th, 2007 #5: KC slips backwards on his bike after a jump and traps his leg, breaking it in various pieces.; #4: Josh returns from Ep. 6 and breaks his shoulder after smashing into a tree when clearing a gap on his bike; #3: Jeremy fails a motocross jump at a competition and bails out several feet in the air and breaks his legs in the landing.; #2: Steve loses his footing in the middle of a rail grind and lands on his genitals; #1: Bobby has a snowmobile land on top of him during a race, suffering extensive injuries. Partially Lost
20 Scarred Episode 20 Sep 25th, 2007 #5: Devin broke all his toes and the arch of his foot after failing a kickflip; #4: Mike Laird botches a backflip and breaks his hands.; #3: Mike Hathaway overshoots a rail and loses his balance, smashing his head and hip on the pavement.; #2: Chris gets his leg stomped on by a bull on a rodeo; #1: John tries to grind a long rail, but falls on his arm backwards and snaps it; Mother Knows Best: Liz (from Ep. 7) Partially Lost

No more regular episodes of the show were produced. It's rumored that the host, Jacoby Shaddix, was busy doing a tour with his band Papa Roach, and the show wasn't popular enough to let it continue.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Scarred's intro sequence.
Two commercials for the show's premiere.