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Image featuring the 3 main characters.

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Robodz Kazagumo Hen (shortened to just Robodz overseas) is a short CG anime series created by Toei Animation and produced by Disney. The episodes are generally 2 minutes long. It ran on Toon Disney Japan from June 21st, 2008 to November 24th, 2008. The series is a mix of Sci-Fi, action and comedy.

An English dub of the series, recorded at STUDIOPOLIS, Inc.[1] and directed by Jeff Nimoy of Digimon fame,[2] premiered on Disney XD in America in June of 2009, and broadcast on the network until 2011. A Spanish Dub and and Turkish dub were also produced.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The series revolves around 3 Robodz ninja, Nejimaru, Sombrenosuke, and Drum Kanbe (localized as PinDz, SosDz, and CamDz), and their ongoing struggle to protect Earth from the Baddle (localized as Bugroy) army.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • 11 episodes of the Turkish dub, 10 episodes of the Spanish dub, and 1 episode of the English dub are available on YouTube as of June 2020.
  • The English dub featured Greg Cipes as the voice of PinDz, and Sam Riegel[3] in a role that he did not specify. Cipes uploaded a minute long clip to his Facebook page[4] on January 25, 2020.
  • On May 4, 2022, Jeff Nimoy confirmed that Steve Blum, Carlos Alazraqui, Brian Beacock, Debi Derribery, Dave Wittenberg, Daran Norris, Sam Riegel, and JB Blanc were also present in the dub, though he did not specify which roles.

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