Ripley and Scuff (partially found British children's television series; 2002-2003)

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A promo card for the show.

Status: Lost

Ripley and Scuff is a children's program that was produced for ITV's children's strand, CITV. It originally aired from January 7th, 2002 to February 28th, 2003, and was a spin-off to the highly successful Roger and the Rottentrolls. The show follows Ripley and Scuff, along with their sister Strid and their pet barguest Bargie, as they visit schools across the UK and wreak havoc. The second series was frequently repeated on the CITV Channel between 2006 and 2010.

Availability[edit | edit source]

There were at least sixty episodes of the show made: twenty in the first series and forty in the second.[1]

A DVD was available through the official website, though clicking on the link to buy it now gives an error message. Copies of the DVD on shopping websites such as eBay and Amazon are extremely hard to find.

Zero episodes are currently known to be on YouTube due to Copyright takedown requests made by the shows producer Robert Howes on the below videos:

  • The episode at Brookburn Community School in Manchester was uploaded in two parts on March 16th, 2013
  • The episode at Haynes School in Paignton (identified as the episode called "Straw") was uploaded on November 16th, 2015
  • The episode at Woodhill Primary School in Woolwich (identified as "Series 2 Episode 4") was uploaded on September 29th, 2018
  • The episode at Bell Lane Infant School in Ackworth (identified as "Series 2 Episode 24") was uploaded on September 29th, 2018
  • The episode at St Wyston's School, Repton (identified as Series 2 "Episode 38") was uploaded on September 29th, 2018
  • The episode at Alvanley Primary School in Cheshire was uploaded on May 24th, 2020.

Episode Lists[edit | edit source]

The official website for Ripley and Scuff provides details on many of the show's episodes on its "Adventures" page. The guide doesn't identify which episodes come from which season, what the titles of the episodes are or whether the episodes are listed in any particular order. There are also many episodes missing from the list, including the episode "Straw," one of the few currently available to view. Nevertheless, it is currently the most detailed guide to the series available, providing full summaries of 38 episodes.

# Episode Title Status
1 St Wystan's Primary School, Derbyshire Lost
2 Barton Church of England Primary School, Cambridge Lost
3 Meanwood Chuch of England Primary School, Leeds Lost
4 Scholes Junior & Mixed Infants School, Huddersfield Lost
5 Croxton Kerrial CofE Primary School, Grantham Lost
6 St Patrick's Catholic Primary School, Leeds Lost
7 Brancaster Church of England Primary School, Norfolk Lost
8 Mitchell Brook Primary School, London Lost
9 St Peter's Church of England Primary School, London Lost
10 Queniborough Primary School, Leicestershire Lost
11 Stockton Heath Primary School, Warrington Lost
12 Fawcett Primary School, Cambridge Lost
13 Elmhurst Primary School, London Lost
14 Gallions Primary School, London Lost
15 Bell Lane Junior and Infant School, Ackfield Lost
16 Cherry Orchard Primary School, London Lost
17 Cobourg Primary School, London Lost
18 Blue Bell Hill Primary School, Nottingham Lost
19 Offmore First School, Kidderminster Lost
20 Castle Acre Church of England School, Kings Lynn Lost
21 Brookburn Community School, Manchester Lost
22 St Augustine's RC School, London Lost
23 John Milton Primary School, London Lost
24 Linthurst First School, Bromsgrove Lost
25 Howe Green House School, Essex Lost
26 Batheaston Primary School, Bath Lost
27 Wheatfield Primary School, Bristol Lost
28 Oliver Quibell Infants School, Newark Lost
29 Alvanley Primary School, Cheshire Lost
30 Shoscombe School, Bath Lost
31 St Stephen's CofE First School, Redditch Lost
32 St Brandon's School, Bristol Lost
33 Stillness Infant School, London Lost
34 Stoke Prior First School, Bromsgrove Lost
35 Woodhill Primary School, London Lost
36 Knotty Ash Primary School, Liverpool Lost
37 Heaton Avenue First School, Cleckheaton Lost
38 Webheath First School, Redditch Lost


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