Q-Chastic (lost songs of unreleased Richard D. James EP; existence unconfirmed; 1992)

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Supposed picture of the blank sleeve, from the Rephlexions! compilation booklet

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Aphex Twin (real name Richard D. James) is a famous British electronic musician who has released countless amounts of music since the 1990's, such as "Windowlicker" and "Come to Daddy". He has released work under many aliases, but none are as mysterious as Q-Chastic. Under this alias, he recorded the Q-Chastic EP in 1992.

Release[edit | edit source]

The EP was never released, but it was test pressed in a limited amount. No copies have surfaced, and none of the tracks have been made available. A song by Q-Chastic titled "CAT 002" was released on the electronic music compilation The Philosophy of Sound and Machine. Despite this, Grant Wilson-Claridge (co-owner of Rephlex, James' old record label) stated that this song was not pressed on the EP.[1]

A common claim is that 100 copies were pressed[2]; however, this is very likely incorrect, as that number would be absurdly high for a test pressing, especially one from a then-fledgling label. Another piece of conflicting information is the format – the Rephlex Manifesto lists the EP as being released on two 7” records, though most sources claim it was pressed as a double 12”, cut down (or intended to be cut down) to 10” size.[3][4]

Status[edit | edit source]

No copies of the EP have been accounted for. Supposedly, not even James himself has a vinyl copy anymore and only has the master copy stored away on a Digital Audio Tape.[5] A P2P version was circulated, but a Discogs user revealed that it was fake, and posted the real names of the fake tracks.

Despite its appearance in the Rephlex Manifesto, some question the existence of the EP, due to the lack of any solid evidence to support the claims made about it. In addition, James is notorious for deliberately spreading false information about himself,[6] which hurts the credibility of these claims even further. Either way, it is extremely unlikely that this EP will ever see the light of day unless given an official release by James himself.

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