Puggsy (lost Super Nintendo build of 2D platformer; 1993)

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Uggsy box.jpg

The game's box art.

Status: Lost

Puggsy is a 1993 puzzle-platform video game developed by Traveller's Tales and released by Psygnosis on Mega Drive and Mega-CD consoles, and on the Amiga home computer. During development of the Amiga, Genesis, and Sega CD versions, there was the SNES version of the game that was in development. The build was shelved because, according to Jon Burton,[1] poor sales of the Genesis version made the publisher not want to release a SNES version as well, even though he claims the build was almost finished.


Though the SNES ROM has yet to resurface online, only one copy exists being in the hand Jon Burton, in which he made a video showcasing an earlier copy of the game with some files and world map, alongside some music from the game. The ROM has still yet to be released and it's very likely the SNES build will never see the light of day.


A video discussing the SNES build and its cancellation.