Pokémon "Cream of the Croagunk Crop" (found original "Hiroki version" of anime episode; 2008)

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Croagunk crop japan.PNG

An unaltered still from the episode.

Status: Found

Date found: 05 Jun 2008

Found by: Unknown

When the Pokémon episode "Cream of the Croagunk Crop"[1] aired in Japan on June 5th, 2008, there was a character named Hiroki who was ultimately changed to prevent legal action being taken. In the original broadcast version, he had green hair, eyebrows, head shape and large glasses similar to the protagonist of the show Dokonjo Gaeru. His name was changed to Takuya on DVD releases and later airings, and his Croagunk's name, Gurekitchi, was changed to Gurekko. Also, one line the character said in the episode, "根性、根性、ど根性だ!" (Konjou, konjou, dokonjou da!, or "We've got guts! We've got guts! We're gusty!"), was changed to "燃えろ、燃えろ、燃えれ!" (Moero, moero, moere!, or "We're burning, we're burning, we're burning!"). These changes ultimately applied to the Japanese version, before being altered for the international release.

The episode's original broadcast was made available after the broadcast had ended on Japanese P2P applications and later through BitTorrent, released in a similar fashion to how all the other episodes of the series were being released at the time. The episode's original version has never been lost and can still be found through various means.

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