Pink Lady Monogatari: Eiko no Tenshitachi (partially found anime TV series; 1978-1979)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

Pink Lady Monogatari: Eiko no Tenshitachi (ピンク・レディー物語 栄光の天使たち Pink Lady Story: Angels of Glory) is a biographical slice-of-life anime series produced by Toei Animation that aired on TV Tokyo from October 24, 1978 to June 26, 1979. It ran for a total of 33 episodes - including 2 clip shows and a prologue that premiered one week before the show proper.

Premise[edit | edit source]

The show was based on the real lifestory of popular superstar female pop music duo Pink Lady.

Despite the title and the content of the show, the main characters were not actually voiced by the Pink Lady duo; professional voice actresses Michiko Nomura and Junko Hori portrayed Mie and Kei, respectively.

Pink Lady also didn't perform the opening (OP) and ending (ED) songs, that were sang by a group of child actors known as Young Fresh, from Japanese entertainment agency Toei Jido Kenshu Jo ("Toei Children's Training Institute", now known as Toei Academy).[1][2]

During the show, there would be live action sequences featuring the actual Pink Lady duo (Mie and Kei) as they would be shown talking in their studios or actually singing their songs in musical interludes.[3]

Pink Lady would later make an appeareance on notorious short-lived 1980 TV variety show Pink Lady and Jeff for American audiences, as their English-language song Kiss in the Dark was a hit in the country.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

# Original Title English Translation Air Date Status
0 "前夜祭「今完成ピンクのアニメ」" "Before the Show Starts: 「The Pink Anime is On」" October 17, 1978 Lost
1 "星は海から生まれるのです" "A Star is Born from the Sea" October 24, 1978 Lost
2 "おてんばデュエット" "Tomboy Duet" October 31, 1978 Lost
3 "ごめんね天国のお父さん" "Forgive Me, Father from Heaven" November 7, 1978 Lost
4 "哀しみの二ッ星" "Two Grieving Stars" November 14, 1978 Lost
5 "ひとつの糸に結ばれて" "Tied To One String" November 21, 1978 Lost
6 "ふたりで踏んだ初舞台" "The Two of Them Debut" November 28, 1978 Lost
7 "明日さく花" "Tomorrow's Blooming Flower" December 2, 1978 Lost
8 "ワン・ステップ・ジャンプ" "One Step Jump" December 12, 1978 Lost
9 "ふたりでひとり" "Two Lonely Ones" December 19, 1978 Lost
10 "とんでけクッキー" "A Late Cookie" December 26, 1978 Lost
11 "こころの手紙" "Letter From the Heart" January 9, 1979 Lost
12 "心はひとつ" "A Lonely Heart" January 16, 1979 Lost
13 "愛のネックレス" "Necklace of Love" January 23, 1979 Lost
14 "くじけるものか" "Will they Lose their Spirit?" January 30, 1979 Lost
15 "あたたかな母の胸へ" "Towards a Mother's Warm Heart" February 6, 1979 Lost
16 "巣だつひな鳥" "The Chick Leaves the Nest" February 13, 1979 Lost
17 "さようなら故郷" "Goodbye, Hometown" February 20, 1979 Lost
18 "可愛いファン" "A Cute Fan" February 27, 1979 Lost
19 "若いふたつの芽" "Two Young Buds" March 6, 1979 Lost
20 "ふたりの友情" "The Friendship of Two" March 13, 1979 Lost
21 "二人三脚" "In This Together" March 20, 1979 Lost
22 "ペッパー警部誕生" "The Birth of Pepper Keibu" (Pink Lady's first album) March 27, 1979 Lost
23 "はばたく日は" "The Day they Spread their Wings" April 3, 1979 Lost
24 "愛の拍子" "The Rhythm of Love" April 10, 1979 Lost
25 "ふるさとの涙" "Tears from Hometown" April 17, 1979 Lost
26 "祈りの旅" "Journey of Prayer" April 24, 1979 Lost
27 "にじ色の別れ" "Farewell to the Colors of the Rainbow" May 1, 1979 Lost
28 "SOS!" "S.O.S!" (Pink Lady's second single) May 8, 1979 Lost
29 "花ひらく夜" "Blooming Night" May 15, 1979 Lost
30 "おもいやり" "Sympathy" May 22, 1979 Lost
31 "きびしい歌の道" "The Harsh Path of Singing" May 29, 1979 Lost
32 "木枯らしの詩" "Poem of a Cold Winter Wind" June 5, 1979 Lost
33 "故郷の青い空" "Blue Sky of a Hometown" June 12, 1979 Lost
34 "歩んだ道" (Clip show 1) "The Path Taken" June 19, 1979 Lost
35 "栄光への歩み" (Clip show 2) "The Path to Glory" June 26, 1979 Lost

Status[edit | edit source]

The anime hadn't been reaired since it's original airing or released in other countries despite having strong ratings.[4] However, the anime's OP and ED were included in VHS compilations of Toei theme songs #6 released back in 1986.[5] As such, they're the only footage currently available to watch online. Due to some legal issues among Pink Lady, it is extremely unlikely this show will ever appear on home video or even streaming services.

At one point, the owner of fansite Pink Lady America posted some screenshots from one of the episodes; however, it is not known if he still owns any actual footage.

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