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The game's logo.

Status: Lost

The virtual pet website Neopets has had a couple of spinoffs over the years, whether they be games on the site or just different websites or apps altogether, including The Last Smiley, Neopets Mobile and PetPet Park. PetPet Park was opened in October 2008 by Neopets and Nickelodeon Kids & Family Virtual Worlds Group[1] and focused on the Neopets' companions, Petpets. this game is inspired the the psp game neopets petpet adventures "the wand of wishing " but the game never really supported teh action of the games it was inspired off.

Before it opened in October 2008, it started as a mini-plot in Neopets, where Neopians would go on missions to help agents "make sure any Petpets crossing over to Neopia arrive at Petpet Park safely".[2]

What makes this game so hard to rebuild[edit | edit source]

the petpets are very complicated and could wear lots of clothing at once, stacked on top of each other so the wireframe is also very complicated to rebuild in another coding language than actionscript 3 (flash).

the world itself was pretty basic for a mmo and nearly follows a tutorial book of the era about building these games[3]but

considering that viacom also used flash to build whole tv shows, they had no difficulty in what they did to dress and the petpets and would of been *very* familar with the bone model used for the time to make this.

the world itself was built in openspace and run on a smartfox server which still exists today, but the openspace part was flash based and is no longer usable to bring the game online.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game was similar to Neopets, with players having the ability to customize and feed their virtual pets. There was also 9 species of Petpets to choose from as of 2014 but started with six pets-Pinixy, kassegat, dyrm Oukins ,dipni and hifflo. Later paid pets were added such as the puxa, mumbat and bandalu rebuild mostly from existing petpet art.

The first revision of the game offered four petpets slots to play with, but no more than one was ever functional and even basic mechanics like mood, health and etc never changed on this game. it was noted in a interview from petpet project by email with jessica ebner[4]that this game was not built by a team who built a mmo before, so it was not the most efficent as it could of been and everything was custom about it and very sensitive to file changes like moving it around(time:03:57) [5]

sites relating to the parks history or files :[edit | edit source]

Jellyneo petpet park guide(note must use before 2017 or so to view) now links to a history page.


Sunnyneo petpet park this covers mostly the beta and the neopets cache found reflects much of this content

catsarenice's neopets page: has nearly every map in petpet park a a static image(requires neopets account)

These were captured in gimp[6] while the game was open and are for what they are likely the best maps your going to

find short of a zone file save of 2014. the map pack contains details of all areas in petpet park other than the tutorial. is very useful in rebuilding petpet park[edit | edit source]

seveal files are useful here like the file assetlist.xml which shows where every file in ppp should be, and is expecting

three blue petpets are found there, and one red one, also lists many alternate colors but they are dead links.

Petpet park's phases of creation[edit | edit source]

Beta- this has several ideas that did not make it to the final version like using neopets as a npc, their was several clothing items that reflected the game was going into a 3d direction with wind swept hats, and etc their was also a pet washing station that would make your pet "shiny:" for other players to see, this seems to all have been dropped over time, and until the cache off neopets, was not documented at all. If you go on flashpoint and search for petpet park, many games reflect this neopets and petpets existing in one world concept. it was dropped very quickly.

Early release: this has a purple looking UI and easily seen in youtube videos and lacks a few updates that came in later versions of the park[7]

Later releases this added item trading with npcs to coordinate with collections where people collected 1000 items and gave players a way to get rid of them. there was at least 20 or more items that could be collected from fruits,fish, rocks, gems, etc and flowers. also a game similar to farmville was added to go with a choose your school quest to bring npcs items but was not well recieved and the game lost reputation due to some in game mechanics that you had to bring items x number of days in a row, but never updated this count if you missed a day, you had to start all over again.

also added a wheel that gave out color bottles and clothes, a early coveted item and the wishing well which did the same and buried the petpets in clothes and color bottles with no way to transfer them between accounts.[8]

last revision- this mostly fixed backend stuff so friends did not need to be on the same server ,etc.

Restoration efforts

Two known groups currently exist to rebuild petpet park with different focuses and objectives

online version[edit | edit source]

Petpet park rebuild[9] started in 2021 by cosmicpopstar

technical skills unknown

offshoot of petpet project due to petpet project unwilling to make a online version

Offline version[edit | edit source]

Petpet Project rebuilding under Project X by kassegathdr4k

Started in 2014 by Admin gab as a memorial in 2014, early efforts were rooted in preserving and saving available files on the web and seeking others doing the same early days didn't result in much of a actual game rebuild. many attempts

were done to preserve maps by youtube videos and etc over 29 maps were done by petpet project from youtube videos before the discovery of the catsarenice's amazing maps. .

Catsarenice's maps[edit | edit source]

Project x is named after their dedication to these maps, not any sort of socal drama as its made out to be on youtube! this was done 2014 onthe gaems closure using gimp and while isn't the games zone files, nothing better has yet shown up to top this image cache for rebuilding a game.

Drama between the groups are killing the games rebuild as a whole[edit | edit source]

both groups are unfriendly with each other and dividing the petpet park rebuild community with multiple videos being made about the discords conduct mostly on the petpet project side, with petpet project mostly wanting to stay OUT OF such battles and build a game again.

Petpet Projects stance on community files[edit | edit source]

We believe that any group that finds files should also be fully rewarded for their efforts as well as how to get INTO the files if their unable to get into them. this means properly crediting the group that found them in mentioning them, as well as sharing precisely how to put them together so both teams advance off the work , and or etc. we do not believe individual artists work who redrawn art should be unless the artist agrees to it like color bottles and etc are excluded as often these get lumped into community fles but the artists deserve credit too.

neo_truths file cache found on neopets[10][edit | edit source]

in september 2022 a leak of neopets accounts was noted in the news and as a result, Petpet park Rebuild via the reddit user neo_truths recieved a list contained the following which petpet project was also able to obtain through alternate sources. this leak was only general files for the park that were not and did not have any user data present in them. also most are dated to 2008 or so.

petpet park petpet art for all six petpets(Pinixy,dyrm, kassegat, dipni, hifflo and oukin ) in swf form for base colors, includes four unique beta colored pinxiys. The stock colored ones are availbile on additional colors from the game were able to be created by the existance of these files, white, orange, pumpkin spice, pink, purple black, and grey.

early beta art and animations for the petpets including four petpet files that matches the dual tone pinixys.

a selection of clothes from the store that was wearable by the petpets is viewable in both petpet projects facebook

page and the video from petpet prokect rebuild as still images. .

its notable that these files are NOT easily viewed even if you have flash and require extensive assembly in animate cc to even view.

the assembly was done by petpet project[11]( In order to view the files,the files first must be converted in Jpexs and brought into animate cc and then have all symbols renamed to their actionscript names to allow first the petpet to load into the wireframe.then the files are simply copied into the wireframe (petpet and then clothing) and animate cc asks if you want to replace, the art change is approved and they msotly load, some pieces need placement by hand using the wireframe on this was done in onliune play by a server storing your clothing on you and coding by using the adobe flex sdk loader now apache flex due to the default one not allowing loading of individual symbols from a swf. on average a shirt of pants each contain 14 symbols that need to be named the same as the space for them in the wireframe file this applies to all aspects of the clothing as well. . this coding process has not worked 100% yet and is a important step in restoring petpet park as this is a good portion of this games charm and character. once this loading script(petpets can have 60 or more symbols to load to make a petpet) is done the game files can be loaded by actionscript without the above steps by altering the varaibles.

a typical petpet loadin looked like this

color+species(54 symbols front or back)

shirt(16 pieces front or back)

pants(16 pieces front or back)

coat(16 pieces front or back)

jacket(16 pieces front or back)

dress(16 or 2 pieces front or back)

gloves(14 pieces front or back)

boots(14 pieces front or back)

biodrip(this adds items such as scars or the shiny appearance)-1 piece

the second file cache in petpet project rebuilds october 2022 update[edit | edit source]

In the video also noted was a few games that petpet project was not able to look at , nor will petpet park rebuild share with petpet project the files to attempt to make them functional.

. it appears that the world will not get to play these games until the needed skill to access them is obtained by petpet park rebuild and while petpet project and other groups are willing to provide this help, they refuse to accept the help or share the files so we can do so.

Games likely lost due to not sharing this cache[edit | edit source]

counting cluckens

Wardrobe wars files but most avatar games seem like they would require extensive rebuild skill to make work again

the whole extent of what they have isn't known at this time, but likely more as well!

Beta Maps[edit | edit source]

early beta maps of petpet park were teased but were not shown whole and look to be zone files for petpet park to

load under openspce MMO engine.

Petpet project HAS the openspace mmo engine files saved and can access them in flash in 2022, but petpet park rebuild is hostile to petpet project and likely isn't going to ask for help on this front.

Misc. content[edit | edit source]

photos of various quest pieces and etc are known about from the video [12]

UI elements are shown as well but not sure how they are accessing them.

Petpet park games that were reskinned for Neopets that can be saved[edit | edit source]

Neeterball now known as Pakiko- game was located and is archived but not yet playable.

this file was found on but isn't loadable at the moment, preservation efforts are underway for this


Invasion blastoids

the original game in the park was called sword of the cyodake king and is accessable using the following url:

some quirks appear as ohter files were edited for the neopets game but this hopefully can be fixed.

other games that are found but not yet playable

Boat Blasters(neopets game : Coal war tactics) accessable by using V0 as the swf version for the game on neopets.

University exam was located and is currently being restored.

Games found on[edit | edit source]

Stack happy on flashpoint but broken due to a loading error(noted to fp)

Bonbon pickup same as above.

Games found on other sites:

Castle defender (on flashpoint) .

Unreleased games:[edit | edit source]

Files were found reflecting a reskin of the game Castle defender

called/ "pharows last stand" but was not looking

completed. it was a very minor reskin of castle defenders.

[1] [2]

Closure[edit | edit source]

In 2014, Neopets was acquired by the educational franchise JumpStart.[13] Many things would be moved to a different place, but Petpet Park was not included in this group of things included in the move, as stated in a news post by Neopets on September 9th, 2014. The game then closed down on the 18th.[14] the outstanding rumor of this ends games player count was 400 players and likely was not brought over due to losing most of its players due to lack of updates and shift to a subscription based model that ALSO offered purchasable items, that you could not wear if your subscription ended.. it was also poorly maintained from the neopets announcement to end of the game and many features were broken over time withtons of lag and etc. Rumor was that they could not even figure how to post in game it was closing anywhere and was done by viacom staff and not neopets stuff who had little to do with it by 2014. its also notable as the last openspace based game as well so any attempts to rebuild it online would need a new engine as well to run it, compounding that openspace is flash based, the end of online flash in 2020.

No playable versions of the game have surfaced since then, and in May 2017, Neopets stopped paying for the domain, and the site's current state is an advertising page unrelated to Neopets.[15]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Gameplay footage of the site.

References[edit | edit source]