Parasol Stars (lost Commodore 64 port of arcade game; 1992)

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Advertisement of Ocean’s Parasol Stars ports, mentioning the Commodore 64 port.

Status: Lost

In 1992, Ocean Software, a European game developer, acquired the license to release Taito's 1991 PC-Engine platformer Parasol Stars (the third game in their Bubble Bobble series) for the European market. While most home computers in Europe saw a release of the game, the Commodore 64 version was never released.


The Commodore 64 port of the game was handled by Colin Porch and composed by Keith Tinman. During the game's development, Colin and his wife were in a dispute in their marriage, and in a fit of drunken rage, Colin's wife destroyed all work done for the port, including backups of the game. To keep Colin's personal life quiet, Ocean created a fake story claiming that the game was stolen in a burglary instead. Since all copies of the game were destroyed, the game is currently lost and no additional backups of the game have been found.


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