Oswald (lost unaired pilot of Nick Jr. animated series; late 1990s)

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Screenshot of the pilot found in an Animation Magazine

Status: Lost

Oswald is a 2001-2003 Nick Jr. 2D animated series created by Dan Yaccarino and produced by HiT Entertainment. The show was notable for its uniquely surrealist style, featuring the day-to-day adventures of a good-natured, bowler-hatted blue octopus named Oswald, his sentient hot dog Weenie and their equally whimsical friends in a colourful, childlike universe. According to official sources, the show's pilot was being worked on as far back as the late 1990s. The pilot itself has never surfaced and little is known about its development process, besides concept artwork that dates from about the same time.

Plot[edit | edit source]

According to Dan Yaccarino in a Q&A on Discord, the pilot has Oswald's hat blow off his head so that he spends the rest of the pilot chasing it, presumably involving the rest of the main cast in the process.

Availability[edit | edit source]

The project's existence at least as far back as 1999 has been confirmed indirectly by the creators of fellow Nick Jr series Super Why?, who indicated that the show's pilot, created around the same time, was initially passed over in favor of an Oswald pitch pilot. Around the same time, an Oswald tie-in book was produced showing how the dapper octopod met all his friends, featuring slightly different character designs (Oswald is a shade darker blue, for instance, and Weenie's belly is a much lighter tan). The book was confirmed to be based on the pilot in an email exchange with Yaccarino.[1] Some backgrounds from the pilot were also found on a Background Design portfolio.[2] Dan Yaccarino also stated in a q&a that in the original pitch for the series, all the characters had jobs, recalling that Oswald wrote commercial jingles and Henry would be a film critic. However, it is unknown if this concept made it to the pilot.

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Read-aloud of an early book that may preserve the original, slightly different character

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