Mr. Roger (partially found animated short series; 1986)

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The opening title card

Status: Partially Found

Mr. Roger (not to be confused with Mister Rogers' Neighborhood) was a 1986 series of animated shorts about a man who always tried to catch a ride on the subway, but some silly obstacle would prevent him from reaching his destination.

These 20-second shorts were produced by Belokapi, Cofimage 7, and Initial Groupe in 1986 and commonly aired on The Children's Channel in the UK and parts of Europe, as well as on CBC in Canada.

Although 100 episodes are said to have been produced, only a few of the shorts have resurfaced online, and barely any information can be found on the series at all.

Known Shorts[edit | edit source]

Fan given title Synopsis Status
Windy Mr. Roger competes against extreme winds coming from the subway train, although a lady is able to get on easily. Unfortunately, the bus speeds away before Mr. Roger can get a chance to try again Found
Officer Mr. Roger gets startled and drops his bag when he seems to get threatened by an officer. All is well until somebody on the subway snatches up his bag and the train leaves. Found
Bees A swarm of bees flies around Mr. Roger. As he struggles to swat them away, the subway train makes a brief stop, and somebody sprays him with insect repellent. The train is already gone by the time the cloud of repellent clears up. Found
Long Train Mr. Roger waits for a really long subway train... and waits... and waits... until he realizes the unusually long subway train is driving right past him without stopping. Found
Slingshot Mr. Roger attempts to slingshot himself into the subway train. Unfortunately the slingshot proves too powerful and sends him crashing through the wall on the other side. Found
Red Carpet Mr. Roger walks across a red carpet, but gets tangled up in the carpet before he can enter the subway train. Partially Lost
Cans A pile of cans prevents Mr. Roger from reaching his destination. Found
Gentleman A gentleman walks out of the train and flattens Mr. Roger with the subway door. At least he was thanked for his "chivalry"... Found
Box Mr. Rogers assists a man in pushing a large box into the train, he then boosts the man over the box, however, nobody is there to boost him and the train leaves the station... Found
Doors Mr. Rogers walks up to the train door only for it to switch positions, he then approaches the door in its new position only for it to revert back to where it originally was, he then sticks his umbrella in the doors only for the doors close breaking the umbrella before the train leaves... Found
Blob Summary TBD. Screenshot courtesy of DillyDylan. Originally found by YouTuber claudeVFD. Partially Found
Thrown Out Summary TBD. Screenshot courtesy of Mediatoon distribution. Partially Found