Migos Live streams Minecraft with fans (Twitch livestream/VOD, 2015)

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Status: Lost

On February 6th, 2015, popular rap group Migos had tweeted out "@Minecraft live stream rite now let's go!!!" This was brought to light by a viral image reposted on Reddit. This is the only evidence of the words "I'm going to 'eaven" ever being sent. This is notable due to the virality of the screenshot. Though there is other footage online of the titular rap group playing Minecraft from the same time period (posted by Minecraft Universe on YouTube), none of it showcases any substantial footage of the Minecraft stream, but more importantly, there is no evidence of the quote ever being sent to the game chat. Popular news publications like XXL and Complex have posted articles documenting the particular live stream, both publications refer to the now deleted Twitch page where the stream occurred. Attempts have been made to access the stream via the Wayback Machine, but both February 2015 snapshots have resulted in indefinite loading screens. Also notable is a Twitter account under the same name as the Twitch account used by Migos that XXL and Complex linked in their articles. Both their YouTube and Twitter accounts have no words on the Migos Minecraft stream, though Minecraft Universe is in their featured channels on YouTube.

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