Mcjuniorclub TV (partially found Nickelodeon Netherlands/McDonald's live-action short series; 2008)

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Logo for mcjuniorclub TV.

Status: Partially Found

mcjuniorclub TV (A.K.A BOB ), is a short 3 minute Dutch live-action series created by Nickelodeon and McDonald's that aired between programs around from mid to late 2008 in the Netherlands as a promotion for the former kids site "". It's about a McDonald's employee named Bob who is rather bad at his job. A majority of the episodes are tie-ins to the company's Happy Meal promotions including 2 holiday specials. Not much is known about this show as all episodes are currently lost and not many people seem to remember it. The only things confirming it's existence is a few screenshots, a forum post, the leader (which was posted onto Vimeo), and a broken episode list on the dutch Nickelodeon website:[1]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

List of episodes (not in chronological order) found on the Dutch Nickelodeon website:[2]

# Short Title (Dutch) Short Title (English) Status
1 Bob Verjaardag Feestjes Bob Birthday Parties Lost
2 Bob Player Escort (afl. 2) Bob Player Escort (episode 2) Lost
3 Bob Ronald Bob Ronald Lost
4 Bob Kung Fu Panda (afl. 4) Bob Kung Fu Panda (episode 4) Lost
5 Bob Olympics Bob Olympics Lost
6 Bob Star Wars Bob Star Wars Lost
7 Bob Bedreigde Diersoorten (afl. 8) Bob Endangered Animals (episode 8) Lost
8 Bob Sinterklaas Bob Saint Nicholas Lost
9 Bob Kerst (afl.10) Bob Christmas (episode 10) Lost
10 Bij de opnames van de Bob filmpjes Behind the scenes of the Bob episodes Lost

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The leader to mcjuniorclub TV.

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