Mario Kart XXL (lost Game Boy Advance tech demo; 2004)

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Mario Kart XXL.jpg

Title screen

Status: Lost

Mario Kart XXL is a Game Boy Advance tech demo created by Denaris Entertainment Software for Nintendo in 2004. The purpose was to demonstrate the GBA's ability to render and scale/rotate two different background layers.

Content[edit | edit source]

There is only one course, similar to Peach Circuit, with the second background layer resembling Shy Guy Beach, and only one playable character, which is Mario. The race consists of three laps and can be cancelled at any time by pressing the Select button. Unusual for Game Boy Advance games, the course is rendered in true 3D. The camera can zoom in and out on Mario using the L and R buttons, also rendered in full 3D.

The Game Pak is shaped like that of a Game Boy game rather than a standard Game Boy Advance game.

The music in the prototype is from Moorhuhn Kart (aka. Crazy Chicken Kart) on PC and PlayStation.

Availability[edit | edit source]

YouTuber "Steven Seventyeight" found the cartridge and posted a gameplay video of it using the GameCube's Game Boy Advance Player. He has stated that he doesn't plan on dumping a ROM of the tech demo.

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